Eye Health

Posted by Toni - April 28th, 2017

In this direction, the examination of deep of eye is obligator in all the patients suspicious to present hipertensiva crisis. As this examination it looks coarser alterations in the deep one of eye, can not need midriticos colrios, that can accidentally cause crises of glaucoma acute if the doctor not to look for to know if the patient suffer from this disease. The dilatao can cause loss of important neurological parameter for posterior pursuing. The alterations of acute retinopatia that include hemorrhages, algodonosos exsudatos and edema of papila are easily you visualized without necessity of dilatao and the necessity of specific specialists, being enough to have environment with little luminosity. Manifestations of injury of agency-target are considered as renais the presence of proteinria, hematria and increased levels of urea and creatinina. You may find that Dean Ornish M.D can contribute to your knowledge. Microangioptica hemoltica Anemia in the malignant hipertenso, also being able to have the presence of esquizcitos; signals of acute cardiac descompensao as gallop, estase jugular vein, crepitantes cardiomegalia, taquicardia, estertores in the pulmonary case of edema; evidence of increase of the intracraniana pressure as confusion, sleepiness, estupor, neurological deficit.

All these findings assist in the differentiation of the hipertensiva crisis in urgency and emergency. Patients without evidences of gradual injury in agency-target must be placed in calm environment, of preference with little light and the evaluated Par again after thirty minutes. If the pressure to severely remain high to therapeutical the verbal one it must be established. If the Par not to continue in the so high levels, the patient must be directed for pursuing. The hipertensiva crisis is part of day-by-day of the centers of clinical emergency and the general doctor, the specialists of the area not only must be trained in the correct recognition of the picture of urgency and emergency, and not simply to deal all patient with severe hipertenso, therefore many of them are total assintomticos.



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Moreover, the situation of the low wages aggravates the situation, compelling the professionals to have more than a bond of work, resulting in a long and extremely desgastante monthly load. The social and economic system in which we live produces, without a doubt, great inaqualities. These characteristics meet coherent as the factors occupational estressores pointed to follow. In the study of Jodas (2009), estressores had been identified to the elements in accordance with the occupational position of the nurses: assistenciais nurses, inadequate resources, interpersonal attendance to the patient, relations, emotional load; administrative nurses, inadequate resources, related to the interpersonal assistance, relations; collections, overload of work, professional recognition, to be able of decision; teaching nurses, inadequate resources, interpersonal activities with the pupils, relations, university politics, wage overload of work, questions and horria load. In accordance with the gotten results a carried through study Saint Casa de Misericrdia de Assis-SP, for Paschoalini, et al in the year of (2008), of the 80 interviews the majority of the professionals declared to consider its estressante profession and its effect more had been related during the professional exercise.

In the present sample, the agent told estressores more had been the conditions and the organization of the work, and the labor overload for double day that was seen in only one tero of the interviewed ones. In study people had the same observed themselves also exerting functions with inferior demands to its qualifications. These constataes suggest that the agent estressores possess intrinsic characteristics to the partner-economic and cultural demands of each city. In another study developed in the surgical blocks of 11 hospitals of the city of Native of London? PR for Schmdt, et al (2009), found 56.


Health Professionals

Posted by Toni - July 14th, 2016

In accordance with Bruna Marturelli Mattos, the professionals of the health area possess important participation in the direction to inform and to give clarifications to these families, as well as stimulating the bond with the child. Being thus, the form of attendance to these children has that to be made of humanizada a with priority form and more, using of affection, affection thus getting one feedback, a more positive reply for the development of children with SD. The envolvement the familiar insertion is of utmost importance for the development of carrying children of SD, but for this the parents have that only auxiliary to teach its children to execute its daily functions and not to make it for it. Then, the precocious stimulation is indispensable for the global development of the carrying child of SD, improving the processes of whitewashing and motor learning of these children. As he was described throughout the article, the fisioterapia uses of some mechanisms to be implanted in the treatment of the child with Down, being its main effect in the neuropsicomotor development. Activities that they express resulted satisfactory seen in the Equoterapia and Pilates, where improvements in what incindem its influences mainly provoking it says respect to the muscular force, position, march, motor coordination and balance. Being the main equoterapia the responsible one for this improvement, a great interaction of the child and the horse thus facilitating in the treatment. According to Winnicott, cited for Danielki (2006) the horse is a facilitador object of new experiences, making possible the formation of affective bonds. Then thus the Fisioterapia possesss an armory, a fan of options that will go to result in some benefits to these carriers, improvements these essentials since a simple mannering change to a complex and long stage of the motor development. as if treating to a genetic condition, thus giving a irreversible characteristic thus becoming all the restricted actions an edge, that is, to one has limited, on the basis of this the Fisioterapia comes to add to contribute for one better well-being of the child with SD, and to facilitate and to reduce its limits, being thus provided one better quality of life, auto-esteem and up to one better social interaction.


AIDS Health

Posted by Toni - February 19th, 2016

The nursing must intervine together with the gestante in the direction to attenuate its complaints and to improve the quality of its attendance, being an only moment in its life. 6.CONSIDERAOES FINAL For all woman a son brings great transformations, placing its proper life in second plain, and the baby starts to have an uneven importance, where all the attentions are come back toward it. A point of view important to be detached, is that the majority of the gestantes is unaware of on its rights thus making it difficult an opened dialogue more, fitting we, nurses, inseriz them in a context where the same ones are felt received and supported. Many arrive to be mother in the adolescence, loading for itself a bigger responsibility of what it can support thus modifying all its life. Of this form, if a more intense and more significant accompaniment is suggested to the woman supporting it of only form, giving general support in that the same one needs. REFERENCES Assistance Daily pay? Christmas. Manual Technician. Brasilia: MS, 2000 Program of Humanizao in Prenatal and the Birth.

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Healthy Ligaments

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The falciforme ligament corresponds to a fold of the parietal peritnio, whose its extension goes since the inferior face of the diaphragm until the superior face of the liver, covering between the main wolves fortifying its sustentation. To the side of the falciforme ligament the ligament meets round, a fibroso fascicle that is remaining of the umbilical vein of the embryo if binding of the liver until umbigo. The coronary ligaments, right and left, are narrow reflections of the parietal peritnio that support the liver from the diaphragm. Frequently Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has said that publicly. The biliary vesicle is divided by parts, a deep plaza directing itself for low, beyond the inferior edge of the liver, also possesss a body and the col well formed part, the two directed for top (DNGELO; FATTINI, 2008). For Dalley and Moore (2007), the liver possesss two faces, a diafragmtica and to another visceral one, that they are separate previously for its acute inferior edge. The diafragmtica phase is in contact with the inferior surface of the diaphragm, in which it has that to consider that in the superior part it has a flat depression, cardiac impression, in the forebody, with the surface of the wolves right and left, right part, formed for the right wolf, posterior part in contact with posterior wall of the abdomen, the visceral face is concavous, inferior and come back it stops backwards. Dean Ornish M.D is open to suggestions. The liver receives blood from two sources. Of the hepticas arteries it gets oxigenado blood and of the vein it carries heptica possibly receives deoxygenated blood, that contains just-absorbed nutrients, frmacos and micrbiose toxins proceeding from the gastrintestinal treatment. The branches in such a way of the heptica artery how much from the vein door they carry blood to sinusides from the liver, where the majority of the nutrients and certain toxic substances are absorbed by heptocitos (TORTORA; GRABOWSKI, 2002 p.771). The external morphology allows to recognize in the visceral face of the liver, the wolves right and left, caudado and square, while in the diafragmtica face only the wolves right and left are visible.


Family Health

Posted by Toni - January 16th, 2016

Purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI, that they had received orientation on breast-feeding during the prenatal one. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. GRAPH 3 represents the orientaes received during the consultations from prenatal on breast-feeding, 70% had answered that they had received orientaes from the nurses during the consultations of prenatal, while 30% of them had told not to have received no type of orientation. During the prenatal assistance, the women must be informed on the benefits of breast-feeding and be guided how much to the techniques, advantages and eventual happened complications of the act to suckle. The amount and, mainly, the quality of the information given to the gestante in the prenatal one influence in the best choice that is the option for exclusive breast-feeding. GRAPH 4? (%) of purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI on the knowledge of the nutricionais differences between the milk of cow and milk maternal. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. In relation to the knowledge of the nutricionais differences between the milk of cow and maternal milk, 75% of purperas do not know this difference, while only 25% of purperas have the knowledge of such differences (GRAPHICAL 4). It is perceived that the majority of purperas does not possess the knowledge on the composition of the milk of cow and the composition of human milk, is verified that more educative actions on the part of the professionals of the area of health in what are necessary says respect the biggest clarifications on these milk as well as its advantages and disadvantages, therefore, such information are of utmost importance for the agreement, sensitization and maintenance of the exclusive aleitamento until the sixth month of life of the child. The basic difference is the easy digestion of human milk for the baby, in relation the cow milk; another important advantage is that it is capable to reduce the incidence of alrgicas illnesses infectious.


Ariosto Mota Man

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The center of the thought of Freud was that the subjectivity of the man is, in fact, determined for the objective factors? Objectives in the measure where if relate to the proper conscience of the man? that acts the default of it, so to speak, determining thoughts and feelings to it, and thus, indirectly, its acts. The man, so zealous of its freedom to think and to choose, is in the reality, a marionette moved for twines, behind and above of it, and that in turn they are directed by factors unknown of its conscience. To give illusion to it of that he acts according to its will, the man invents rationalizations that give the impression to it to act as it acts, for having freely chosen its attitude, moved for rational or moral reasons. But Freud does not conclude with a fatalismo note, confirming the incapacity of the man in relation to the forces determine that it, and yes, that the man can acquire conscience of these forces that act its default? with this to extend the scope of its freedom and is changedded of one joguete moving for forces unconscious, in a free and conscientious man, determining its proper destination. Freud expressed this objective in the words ' ' WHERE IT WILL HAVE ID, IT WILL HAVE EGO' '. A curious question that we cannot leave of side is that all these characteristics that we judge natural and inherent to the human being are, in the reality, fruits of feelings restrained in the infancy, that concomitantly it reflects in the adult phase, under the action of the factors: Antropolgicos (FAN), Biological (FB) and Psicolgicos (FP). The purpose of the action of these factors is to take the individual to have an inferior concept of itself exactly. Relembro what the master Ariosto Mota says: ' ' The conscience must give to the individual the notion of that it must fight by itself, since, it exists does not stop becoming black its interior life, but to free it. If you will not be for you who you will be? ' '



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However, she was initially used in the area of the health for Hans Selye in 1926, still medicine student. In 1936, already then endocrinologista one, stress introduced the term to assign a syndrome produced for some harmful agents. It emphasizes the not specific reply of the organism the situations that do not debilitate it, weakening and taking the organism to adoecer. As Arajo et estresse al.2 It can be explained as a reaction of the organism, with physical and/or psychological components, caused for the psicofisiolgicas alterations that occur when the person if it collates with a situation who, in a way or another one annoys, it, it rightens, it excites or it confuses. For Arajo et estresse al.2 it when extreme it can intervene with the quality of life of the human being, taking it a series of damages, such as problems of social or familiar interaction, physical and psychological lack of motivation for activities in general, illnesses, beyond difficulties in the work. By this reason, one of the main problems of the modern world is considered. The stimulaton that initiates a reaction of estresse is called estressor. It can be for a cognitiva interpretation or of the meaning that the individual attributes.

However it has situations where the event is intrinsically estressante independently of the interpretation, as in the case of cold or extreme heat, pain, etc. The estressor can be something negative and also positive that the person in marcante way moves. Pafaro and Martino. The process of estresse passes for three phases: The phase of alert if characterizes for reactions of the likeable nervous system, when the organism perceives the estressor. The resistance presents itself when this estressor remains present for drawn out periods or if it is of great dimension. In the exhaustion phase it estresse, it exceeded the possibility of the individual to coexist it, following the illnesses as mechanism of inadaptation of the person to this process.