Why We Get Fat

Posted by Toni - October 19th, 2022

Why we get fat? The majority of the people with certainty has the reply in the tip of the language: we get fat because we eat more than what our necessary body to get energy. Therefore it is, is not so simple thus. Today already one knows that the factors are several that a person takes to get fat, as: Genetic factors the genetic predisposition makes with that the person accumulates fat with more easiness. This can occur more early, in infancy or adolescence or later already in the adult phase. Many writers such as Energy Capital Partners offer more in-depth analysis. Familiar behavior if the family does not possess healthful alimentary habits, this with certainty facilitates the weight profit.

Sedentary style of life the exercise lack conditions a lesser expense of energy and still it makes with that the metabolism functions more slowly. The less energy will be spends, greater will be aculo of energy in the fat form. Not to keep a regular alimentary routine our organism is intelligent and therefore it does not advance to try those mirabolantes diets. To jump meals or to be long intervals without if feeding, this only favors the weight profit. To eat what it needs many more than they eat as if the world was to finish at that moment and worse, it eats foods without no nutricional value. The result, accumulated fat.

The IMC – Index of corporal mass, she is used as measured to determine itself if a person is below, in its ideal weight, or above of the weight. IMC calculate its and compare with the indices and see as you this. IMC CLASSIFICATION Below of 18.4 Below of weight 18,5 24.9 Normal weight 25,0 – 29.9 Overweight 30,0 – 34.9 Obesidade Degree I 35,0 – 39.9 Obesidade Degree II Above of 40 Obesidade Degree III To make the calculation of the IMC it is enough to divide its weight in kilograms for the height to the square (in meters).


Nursing Treatment

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Front to the treatment by means of the carried through research is confirmed that it does not have one cure still defined, thus remaining an individual and personalized and humanizada assistance. Klin (2006) tells that the autismo is a permanent comprometimento and the majority of the individuals affected for this condition remains incapable to live of independent form, and requires the familiar support or of the community or the institutionalization. Almeida (1996, p.256) affirms that until moment was not reached to the cure of the autismo. Therefore, the treatment must have for objective to take care of to the necessities of the child and the family, helping them to reach it independence in the activities of the daily life, and to acquire basic capacities. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with The Greater New York Construction User Council . By means of the intervention and assistance of Nursing if it bases on the accompaniment and evaluation of the development of the child. For Braga and Avila the nurses must invest in the practical ones of attention to the health, in the communication of its evaluation for one better confirmation of diagnosis and beginning of the treatment, present a humanizado attendance, and have consideration to the complexity and the impact of the diagnosis in the family.

By means of the found one in the cited theoretical referencial in the present article, are observed that the autismo is a syndrome that compromises the human development, more specifically in the masculine sex and if detects enters the 2 to the 3 years of age. for being an illness little known and little divulged if becomes a question of great icons with many questions and few answers. This study it searched to evidence the importance of this discovery process and domain of the content as a facilitador instrument for one better management, strategical planning and that makes possible to the nurses and professionals of the area of the health to evaluate, to know and to diagnosis the picture where if it finds the carrier of this riot.



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Details in rocks, strass, and much color, leaves the much more feminine appearance and can be an accessory to be used in different occasions. Since in this station, we face well high temperatures, the more comfortable the footwear and the clothes best and are this that the tripping provides: comfort and charm. It has diverse models, since the most sophisticated until simplest. A very democratic model that can accent the beauty of any woman. It has a tripping for each taste. Then the search for its starts right now. This station to bet in the models most closed and with terrosos and golden tones can be an excellent idea.

It uses to advantage that it has models in gladiador style. The black color also is one asked for in the slightness of sandals of straps. The majority of the women adores praticidade and therefore never they open hand to have some models of rasteirinhas to combine more with a deloused style, to use in one day very hot or even though to be in house. A study it discloses that who if dresses of comfortable form spends more calories in the daily one. For assistance, try visiting Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. People finish being more sedentary using accessory that they make it difficult the movements This is a good option to adopt rasteirinhas, is not same? Then the tip of fashion for the summer is to use and to abuse rasteirinhas. Charmosas sandals that I eat the proper name indicate will leave its feet in the soil well.


Practical Reflection

Posted by Toni - January 21st, 2022

To search to understand these constructions and values is essential to work, of contextualizada form the lack of information and the concepts that still persist (BARDAL et al; 2006). as the adolescents, in peculiar phase of biopsicossocial development, tends to assume behaviors place that them in special situation of risk for the DST’ S; beginning gradually precocious of the sexual activity, with bigger incidence of multiple partners; unfamiliarity I infect of it for saw sexual, these factors become the susceptveis the DST’ S. Thus, Sexually Transmissible Illnesses are a group of endemic illnesses of multiple causes that includes the venereal diseases classic and one I number increasing of clinical entities and syndromes that have as common trace the transmission during the sexual activity. The importance of these illnesses are in the fact of, beyond the dissemination risk, to be able to cause serious damages to the health of acometido individual (VIANA; MARTINS; GEBER, 2001). Dean Ornish M.D may help you with your research. Of this form, the main DST’ had been described in this study; S comunsem adolescent. Porconta of this is defined as objective of the study to know the level of information of the adolescents of a school of average education in relation to the DST’ s, in the city of Barriers – BA. This research is of exploratria nature with quantitative boarding. The quarrel of subject DST’ was evidenced that; way s to multidiscipline and integrated contributes for the educational and directional formation of the adolescents, mainly in if treating to peripheral areas.. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dean Ornish M.D.



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The sleeplessness is the upheaval of sleep most frequent in the population in general, being recognized for the OMS as a problem of health pblica1 had to the impact negativo to the physical and mental health, social activity, capacity for the work and quality of life of the individuals. Although this, this subject has not received the had attention from the professionals of the area of the proper health and insones, in the majority of the cases, does not look for professional aid qualificada.11 For Pafaro and Martino1 During it estresse the signals and symptoms that occur more frequently are of the physical level as: increase of sudorese, knot in the stomach, muscular, taquicardia tension, hipertenso, squeeze of the jaw and to creak of cold teeth, hiperatividade, hands and feet, nauseas. Picture 02 – Symptoms presented for the academics in last week SINTOMASTotal% 1Problemas with memria20 (48%) 2Mal-to be generalized, without cause especfica13 (31%) 3Formigamento of the extremities– 4Sensao of physical consuming constante31 (74%) 5Mudana of apetite19 (45%) 6Aparecimento of problems dermatolgicos9 (21%) 7Hipertenso arterial2 (5%) 8Cansao constante32 (76%) 9Gastrite, ulcer or stomachal indisposio very prolongada7 (17%) 10Tontura or sensation to be flutuando10 (24%) emotiva 11Sensibilidade excessiva14 (33%) 12Dvida how much itself prprio8 (19%) to 13Pensar constantly in one only assunto19 (45%) 14Irritabilidade excessiva19 (45%) 15Diminuio of libido6 (14%) Analyzing picture 02, in phase II, the symptom that if sobressaiu was constant fatigue, evidenced in 76% of the academics, followed for sensation of constant physical consuming, cited for 74% of the participants. Still in accordance with Pafaro and Martino In psychological terms, some symptoms can occur as: anxiety, tension, anguish, interpersonal sleeplessness, alienation, difficulties, doubts how much itself proper, extreme concern, inability to concentrate in other subjects that not related it to the estressor, difficulties to relax, tdio, anger, depression, emotiva hipersensibilidade. Picture 3 – Symptoms presented for the academics in last month SINTOMASTotal% 1Diarria freqente1 (2%) 2Dificuldades sexuais2 (5%) 3Insnia25 (60%) 4Nusea15 (36%) 5Tiques2 (5%) arterial 6Hipertenso continuada1 (2%) 7Problemas dermatological prolongados6 (14%) extreme 8Mudana of apetite13 (31%) 9Excesso of gases7 (17%) 10Tontura freqente5 (12%) 11lcera, colite or another one problema2 (5%) 12Enfarte– 13Impossibilidade to work– 14Pesadelos freqentes6 (14%) 15Sensao of incompetence in all reas3 (7%) 16Vontade to run away from tudo21 (50%) 17Apatia, depression or anger prolongada7 (17%) 18Cansao constant and excessivo26 (62%) to 19Pensar and to speak constantly in one only assunto12 (29%) frequent 20Irritabilidade without cause aparente15 (36%) 21Angstia, anxiety, fear diariamente22 (52%) 22Hipersensibilidade emotiva12 (29%) 23Perda of sense of humor16 (38%) Evaluating picture 03, on the symptoms presented for the academics in the last month, 60% presents sleeplessness, 62% presents constant and extreme fatigue, 52% had told anguish, anxiety and fear daily, and still the will was disclosed to run away from everything for 50% of the sample.


In Brazil

Posted by Toni - August 24th, 2021

However, a great part of the adult population with hipertenso does not know that he is hipertensa; many of that they know are being adequately treated (TOSCANO, 2004). The impact of the not-transmissible chronic illnesses (DCNT) in the health of the populations is increasing in the whole world. Approximately 35 million people had died in 2005 for this cause, being 80% of these deaths in average countries and low income. Harry Belafonte shines more light on the discussion. The sistmica arterial hipertenso (HAS) is presented as one of the more common chronic agravos and with more serious clinical repercussions (BOING, 2007). Brazil is one of the countries that are aging faster in the history of the humanity, according to World-wide Organization of Health (OMS), of 2000 the 2005, the aged population in Brazil increased of 8,5% for 14%.

This advance of the aging of the Brazilian population is causing an alteration of the profile epidemiologist who started to present a bigger prevalence of chronic conditions of health (al HISSES et., 2008). In Brazil, approximately 65% of the aged ones are carrying of sistmica arterial hipertenso, more than enter the women with 65 years, the prevalence can arrive 80%. Considering that in 2025 it will more than have 35 million aged in the country, the number of carriers of arterial hipertenso tends to aggravate (JNIOR et al., 2006). In this current reality, the health professionals gain more scientific and social relevance, mainly in a etria band where she has the biggest probability of occurrence of degenerative illnesses chronic, affective and functional losses (JNIOR et al., 2006). 1,1 Prevalncia of the Arterial Hipertenso in Brazil One searches done for the Health department with 54 a thousand adults disclose that the prevalence of the illness, of 2006 the 2009, increased in all the etrias bands, mainly between the aged ones. Currently, 63.2% of the people with 65 years or more suffer from the problem against 57,8%, in 2006, in the population with up to 34 years the percentage do not pass of 14%, of the 35 to the 44 years the ratio go up for 20,9%.


Cristiana Pear

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Previously to the beginning of the research and later of the sending of the CEP of the FASB, the Coordination of the basic attention of the city of Barriers to the request for the accomplishment of the related research will be sent. (APENCIDE C). For in such a way, the participants of the study will be clarified of the objectives of the research and will receive the Term from Free and Clarified Assent (Appendix B), elaborated as the norms of Resolution 196/96, that she turns on the ethical aspects in research involving human beings (National Advice of Health, 1996). Each participant will receive a copy from the cited term, after its signature. Rick Yune is likely to agree. The researcher will proceed to the due clarifications to the citizens of the research on the objective of this study and will verify its interest in participating of the same. She will be guaranteed the professionals, the secrecy of the information, the voluntariedade in the participation and the possibility to interrupt the fulfilling of the instrument at any time, without penalty some and damage to its professional activities.

Expect that this research can delineate as it occurs the attendance to the man in the E.S.F of Barriers and becomes literary source the searching futures on the subject. .


Sleep For Recovery

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It does not use pomadas or other products; The hygiene of the operated place must be carried through with banns daily of water and neutral soap; Sleep and the rest are important for its recovery. Our necessary organism to sleep, on average, eight hours per day; When lying down, it looks a comfortable position. It changes of position to each two hours, in case that he remains acamado for much time; It respects its limitations. It looks for to retake its activities gradually. It prevents excesses, as to raise physical weights or exercises heavy; If it will be possible carries through daily walked, inhaling deeply for the nose and dying for the mouth; The return for house is advisable to after measure its temperature at least 2 times to the day in the first days (the same one informs to the doctor case exceeds 38); It only uses the medication prescribed for its doctor, observing the intervals between the doses; Intense pain in the operatria wound, folloied for vermelhido, swell and heat in the place, can indicate inflammatory process. In this in case that, it looks to its doctor or a Hospital. Hear from experts in the field like ENT for a more varied view. ‘ ‘ You were born you stop to be successful, but to be a winner you need to plan, if to prepare, and to wait the victory! ‘ ‘


Brazilian Academy

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The ear possesss therefore a segment that transmit and amplify the sound for the o agency of Corti (device of transmission or conduction) and a segment that transform the vibration into nervous impulse and it transmits it for SNC (device of neuro-sensorial reception or). (GUYTON, 1981) For it saw ssea: the vibration of the skull, for example touching it with a diapaso, makes to vibrate perilinfa unchaining the nervous impulse. To know more about this subject visit IDD. For inertia the chain to also ossicular vibrates existing a conductive component in the hearing for saw ssea but to facilitate the clinical reasoning it is considered that the hearing for saw ssea stimulates the reception device directly. For even more opinions, read materials from Vadim Belyaev, New York City. (GUYTON, 1981) CHAPTER II 2 – PRESBIACUSIA Presbiacusia or loss of hearing related to the age, is the cumulative effect of the aging in the direction of the hearing. It is a gradual and bilateral symmetrical loss. The presbiacusia or deafness of the aged one consists in one of the most important factors of social disaggregation. Recent studies demonstrate that of all the sensorial privations, the auditory loss is the one that produces devastador effect in the process of communication of the aged one.

In accordance with Brazilian Academy of Otologia, presbiacusia is the natural ageing of the human ear, resultant of the somatria of degenerative alterations of all the auditory device. It consists of a bilateral loss of the high-frequency hearing for sounds, folloied, generally, for a disproportionate loss of the recognition of speaks, without previous history of severe sistmica or auditory illness, with gradual beginning and gradual course (Willott, 1991 in Snows, 2002). The auditory deficiencies acometem 70% of the aged ones (more or less 10 million people in our country), being the second more common physical inability and the fourth more common afeco in U.S.A. The main agents aggravations of the presbiacusia are: exposition the toxic medication noises, diabetes, use for the ears and the genetic inheritance, and the reduction of the auditory acuidade in the third age.



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425; BRAZIL, 2003, P. 7). On the basis of these data, in recent years, have occurred a significant increase of the number and the variety of initiatives directed toward aged people and had created some programs teaching ' ' to age saudvel' ' , that beyond being good condition of health sample that the aged people need a recognition, respect and security, therefore the aged ones that they do not obtain to arrive at the healthful aging will need a special attention, needing continuous and specialized cares, waiting, therefore that it increases the number of aged inserted dependents in social environment familiar. In the end of the decade of 90 the OMS left of side the expression envelhecimento saudvel and started to adopt envelhecimento ativo that it can be understood as process of otimizao of the health chances, participation and security, as objective to improve the quality of life, to the measure that the people are older. Involving public politics that promote ways of living more healthful in all the stages of the life. It must be based on the rights, necessities, preferences and abilities of the aged people and still to include a perspective of life course that recognizes the importance of the former experiences in the way as the people age. (DUARTE, 2007, P.

164, grifo of the author). In this conjuncture the OMS in 2005 affirms that ' ' the active aging occurs inside of a context that involves some people being the interdependence and solidarity enters the generations more its principles relevantes.' ' 7. RELATION BETWEEN the DOMICILIARY ATTENDANCE AND the AGED O Health department points, in its studies with population base, that in Brazil, more than 85% of the aged ones present at least a chronic disease, and about 15% of these diseases last per some years and demand constant actions on the part of the health services.


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