Emotional Health

Posted by Toni - May 23rd, 2017

Many people possess emotional tension and induced illness for the emotions, not had to arrasador accumulation of disgusts, but for not having learned to maneuver peculiar the usual amount of misfortunes the all human being. The sharpness to lead, with efficiency and success, some phases of a current life, that is, in way that produces a maximum of joy and a minimum of tension, is what it is known as maturity. To have maturation means to be based itself emotionally: to have capacity to keep serenity; resignation, courage, determination and joy in situations that would take an immature person to the apprehension, terror, anxiety or frustration. It is only reached maturity through a learning process. Unhappyly, it does not have no place, nowadays, where if it can learn maturity. Ours three educational institutions – the School, the Church and the Family – fail in this essential part of ours education..


Creating Our Universe

Posted by Toni - May 20th, 2017

The majority of people have desires, goals and objectives in our life but it could happen that the manifestation of all those wishes are not yet presented, to achieve goals is necessary much desire and persistence, but we should start an absolutely essential point as Andrew Corentt is mentioned in the book the secret of the power of goals and is to accept our creative responsibility. What is this?, well the creative responsibility tells us that we created the universe and all the circumstances we see in our lives, this occurs through the power of the subconscious mind, for most people this idea is out of logic, but the truth is that there are many tests that tell us that each person creates his own lifeof course that there are spiritual agreements to perceive things in very similar way, for example if 40,000 people attend to watch a game, the way that you witness information computers, colors, armchairs, etc. They are quite similar but not equal, what happens here is that there are 40,000 universes, or It is everyone is creating his own universe with powerful spiritual information. Now let’s think about personal accomplishments and life styles, look at how people tend to create problems, or to create wealth, or generate opportunities in his life, every circumstance occurs by the way in I programmed information in our life, if we continually tell us that we are healthy we manifest that belief in reality, what we look at, touch, talk and think is creating our own universefor example people who demonstrate that they do not believe in ghosts and are willing to pay money if someone shows them we see, the answer is logical never will look at them because nobody can see what does not believe at the subconscious level. Deep belief is crucial and more important is to accept that we create every circumstance of our life, that Yes we do unconsciously, it is not that someone thinks of a Briefcase of $ and appears to him ten minutes on your desktop, the mental programming works slowly, but never fails, if we repeat, we act and We do things in favor of a goal, no doubt it is manifest, requires perseverance and patience. .

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United States Federal Reserve

Posted by Toni - May 16th, 2017

So happened to Bolivia, which privatized water access and left with the only option of resorting to illegal outlets of water and millions of families without being able to pay the fees of the multinational. If the crisis forced the bankruptcy of companies that manage basic services in those countries, would have to be Governments that do charge of itself have problems with tax collection, devaluations and, in some cases, major problems with organized crime. Among the measures to be taken at the upcoming G20 Summit must be the protection of the Latin American middle class, which represents a third of the population total in the region, creator of 95% of the companies and currently generate 160 million jobs, according to the data provided by the Argentine analyst Bernardo Kliksberg. The access to the health, labor, education and pensions lie in the social dynamism and the educational level of the middle class. Without adequate protection, many people could cross the threshold that separates them from poverty in a region increasingly impoverished. If the big banks of the world have been able to bail out entities responsible for the crisis, they will have to listen to proposals with greater legitimacy and ethical basis. The United States Federal Reserve and the central banks of Brazil, Mexico, Korea and Singapore have reached an agreement to provide liquidity to their markets. To ensure access to health, education and pensions, you could create a Latin American Fund with support from the large economies.

This would result in new jobs and better trained young generation to not be exposed to the spectre of poverty and crime as an alternative. The world should give the floor to the Latin American middle class. Carlos a..


Acute Danger Of Insolvency At HCI Ship Fund V And HCI Ship Fund VII

Posted by Toni - May 1st, 2017

New restructuring concept is questionable in a letter of March 30, 2012 investors the HCI ship Fund V GmbH & co. KG and the HCI ship Fund VII GmbH & co. KG in were informed that there is acute danger of insolvency for the ships, which together hold both funds. The information to the wrong location of the funds was not entirely new, now it has become but explosive. Investors fear for their capital. First restructuring failed already early December 2011 you had asked investors having regard to the tense situation of the Fund ships more deposits total about 2.9 million, however the investor, was rejected due to the unwillingness to shoot for money,. The crisis of the HCI ship Fund VII GmbH & co.

KG is not new. In 2010 the HCI ship Fund VII his participation in the MS “Frisian Commander” had to Schiffahrts GmbH & co. KG sell holes – among other things – the subsidiaries MarCherokee shipping company mbH & co. KG and MarComanche shipping company mbH & co. KG to close.

With writing by December 2, 2011 the partners learned that provided additional deposits in the two shipping companies still were not done. In the face of such information it is not surprising actually, that the participation of the partners in the proposed measures expectations of fund management. Rather, if they were not already left last year on the real state of the Bank negotiations in the dark wonder investors. Reduction of Kommanditkaptals with tax question the Fund management presents now a proposal, which, lays down at least the partial loss of deposits from investors point of view -. The renovation aims through a capital reduction in the target funds MarCherokee and MarComanche when simultaneous abandonment of the main creditor of NORD/LB on the wiederaufgelebte limited partner liability. According to Nittel Firm specializing in banking law and capital market law is not quite clear how secure this proposal is actually.

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Natural Health Restoration

Posted by Toni - May 1st, 2017

This article will talk a little about the most effective and natural way to restore health – Therapeutic fasting. The Internet is now a lot of information on this subject, but its study is becoming clear that Most of the articles are written by people who never themselves do not take the course of starvation. In this case the main issue is that their incorrect information is often perceived by many as a reliable and it is used for training and Course of fasting. And when, after such a “course of conduct” are having some problems, many blamed it on the shortcomings of the method. And, most importantly, many having lost her faith after it cease to apply it and what is more, all around tell and write in the forums that fasting is harmful. But it is not so! The experience of fasting the author of this article – since 2004. Starting with a detailed study of various methods of fasting, different schools, author went on to practical courses in 2005. The practice began with small-time – days a week, then three, then seven, fourteen, etc.

In 2008, combining fasting during Lent, the author spent 35 days on a single pure water. No other types of liquids, as well as vitamins, supplements, extracts, etc. were not used. Categorically. After emerging from this period – as a born again. Just not feeling passed. The overall result – after he started engage in fasting: forgot what the clinics, doctors and pharmacies.

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