Muscle and Protein

Posted by Toni - September 29th, 2013

In order to achieve successful weight loss, we have to make sure that the weight you are losing is not fat from muscle. Unfortunately some of the tips to lose weight badly we can find can lead us to lose muscle mass, not just fat. Can we get to lose fat without losing muscle mass? Here are three simple steps:-eat regularly and frequently if you do not eat enough calories, our body not only will focus on accumulated fat but also muscle tissue in order to meet energy needs. To help prevent muscle loss, we simply need to eat frequently so that our body does not adopt the mode of hunger. Of course, we still need to reduce our consumption of calories to promote the burning of stored fat, and we can achieve this by omitting foods high in calories that we eat normally, replacing them with options of low calories, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. By eating foods that are low in calorie, meals and nutritious snacks every 3-4 hours throughout the day that will make sure of that burns fat, not muscle. -Eating very lean protein is also important to eat enough lean protein, as our body needs to repair and rebuild muscles, especially if a regime of daily exercise is being followed.

Our protein requirements vary depending on the weight, but the recommended adult daily protein intake is 0.8 grams of protein per body weight kilo-gramo. A kilo-gramo is equal to 2.2 pounds. This means that if our weight is 140 pounds, we must divide it by 2.2, which equals approximately 58 kilograms of weight. Multiply 58 kilograms by 0.8, which will give us our daily requirement of 44.4 grams protein. -Exercise daily exercise is another key factor that helps burn fat and not lose muscle mass. This is important for two reasons. First, the exercise helps to improve and accelerate the metabolism so that you burn more calories, and encourages our body begin to burn stored fat.

Secondly, working muscles helps keep the building of lean muscle mass, especially if we are keeping our daily requirements of protein. The main points to remember on which helps us to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass, is constantly feed our body a lot of nutritional healthy food, in addition to reducing calorie consumption. We also have to maintain strong muscles and lean on depth after a regime of daily exercise. If we follow these golden rules, we will ensure that every pound of weight that is lost is stored precious adipose and muscle tissue not fat burners and best fat burners pills

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What I Was In A Past Life

Posted by Toni - September 29th, 2013

Being naturally curious, always interested in all the mysteries, weird and unusual. Apparently so since childhood, was read science fiction and horror movies – very much like being in a constant voltage of unusual and so different from our everyday life events. And even if you sit down to read, here, at least the end of the world was advancing, not otorvesh. Oh how I flew into a passion for this And that is true, what my mother like it when her child, instead of to engage in serious important things (to get out of the house, do the lessons, etc.), day span with a book lying on the couch. C’mon if only day, do not you and night. How many times has happened, my mother comes, will select a book and turn off the lights – but Is it possible to cause the child to abandon that because it entails? Here I am, especially not to disappoint Mom, took a flashlight, hid under the blanket and continued to read. What is particularly curious that in the books that I came across always, was the theme of immortality, the transformation of space travel and other mysteries. Most likely, it formed in me a mystical attitude toward life.

Later, when I had a family and had children (a program at least an ordinary earthling completed), I was beginning to torment a vague feeling of dissatisfaction. Maybe it was due to the fact that everything seems to be done (my husband, family, work, kids), and what to do with myself yet – it is not clear. And then start the search. From fiction and horror films like the rose, but that still read, do not know. Then began to read everything that somehow remotely could respond to this vague longing of emptiness.

And she found after all! Once, wandering the book collapse, stumbled upon a book, do not remember her name, but it said about reincarnation and the transmigration of souls. Say it I carried away – hence, say nothing. It was just a forgotten child feeling a fascinating journey into a dream world One thing I just did not suit in this incarnation: as I will be in next life, a pig or a worm, if not stone. All my insides, gathering all his arrogance and narcissism vopilo: ‘I – baobab? Never! Yes, for anything in the world ” And then it was decided: to find evidence that a person can be born in the next life just a man. At this point in the course went all, where at least some mention of reincarnation. I still managed to get to the truth, when I stumbled upon the Book of Zohar. Circuit shower there, but not in the sense that we know. People really are born into this world more than once. And each of his parish – it is certain stages of development of his soul. Can a person change the speed of its development? And if he needed it? Why do I need to come into this world again, again and again? And when will this cycle? These questions for me remains undecided, but I’m still hopes to break out of this whirlwind, and if born again, then with a certain sense, knowing in advance, and why I came and what I live. Anna Rusakov Source – Online Newspaper Single world.