Hair Loss

Posted by Toni - September 29th, 2020

“It inhibits the enzyme that converts testosterone into the dihydrotestosterone harmful for the hair root.” This prescription ingredient must be taken every day. Currently it is in tablet form. As mentioned however, everyone itself must bear the costs, because they do not assume the statutory health insurance. “To stop the treatment, the hair loss in the rule as before will go on again.” The active ingredient of minoxidil is intended for external use. This substance as a bargaining chip was originally developed.

“This tincture should be applied twice a day”, takes Garcia Bartels. While 80 percent of users, the hair loss can be stopped finasteride, the success rate is the minoxidil at about 70 percent of all cases. Clean up with fairy tales to the hair loss more effective hair growth active substances there are currently not. Frequently muscular dystrophy has said that publicly. Also cosmetic articles, which contain caffeine and creatine or alleged other active substances from Aloe to zinc, do not affect the influencing hair loss or at most barely. Many of the highly-touted miracle cure ‘ every promise remain guilty. However, far less external factors influence hair loss, than most men think. Run faster for a bald head wearing a hat or a Toupees still frequent hair washing or combing of the hair. Not even stress or a wrong”diet affect how quickly or slowly the hair falling out.

Multivitamin, iron tablets, capsules, diatomaceous earth, yeast tablets and the else offered and highly-touted remedy ‘ are also ineffective when the hereditary baldness. Learn to face up to the bald E. man (Management Professor at the University of Pennsylvania), his character of even support a bald head, to can be taken in an American study by Professor Albert, that the image of a bald-headed man”is often associated with Hypermaskulinitat. From film and television, you often know action heroes with bald heads. In the study of shorn scalps and perceptions of male dominance”, Prof. man subjects showed shots of men with and without hair. “” The respondents linked the bald men terms how dominant”, bigger”and more”. The study, published in the journal social psychological and personality science”, writes. Probably it would be better if a man learns to his bald head, says psychologist Roland Henss from Saarbrucken. For a bald head have also benefits. Studies have shown that bald men not only an average older are estimated three or four years, when they are actually, bald men are usually regarded as family man and loyal husbands,”says Hamilton. Barbara travel Micha Wale

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