Bike Route Planner Naviki: Draw For Winter Cyclists

Posted by Toni - April 10th, 2022

Cyclists can join Twitter and Facebook this week the bicycle route planner Naviki organized a raffle for road users, who are traveling regularly with the bike this winter. “Do with who on the Facebook page of Naviki to frost cycling” confesses or deposited a corresponding message to Naviki on Twitter. The participation is possible until including Thursday, February 11, 2010. Hear from experts in the field like Ben Dark for a more varied view. To win by SCHWALBE and bike lights and rearview mirror by Busch and Muller are among other rucksacks by Tatonka, panniers. Cyrus Massoumi has firm opinions on the matter. With the action, the initiators want to reward those cyclists who have entered this winter despite some difficult conditions in the pedals. We are convinced that the bike at any time of the year is a suitable means of transport”, so Naviki spokesman Achim Hennecke.

Of course, there are certain restrictions in ice and snow, but they eventually also apply to other modes of transport.” The Frost Radler”are winners of winter, they are especially keep fit and exemplary environment-friendly Act. Naviki is a free service for bike navigation in everyday life and leisure activities. The Internet portal offered by the laboratory for software engineering of the Munster University of applied sciences.

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What Do Women Aged 40 Feel

Posted by Toni - April 3rd, 2022

How the musician Wolfgang Mitschke smiles with his new album Wolfgang Mitschke and after after three years with the release of his new Jazz CD ‘Midnight moods’ once again at the finish. The swinging between his residences in Bonn and Berlin, now 51 musician is a passionate music freak, who has recorded four jazz albums from 1998 to 2005, which can be played by radio stations in Germany, in the United States and of Switzerland at the same time trained drummer, self-taught keyboardist and savvy music programmers, all in all. The new album could publish Mitschke Hamburg jazz label SKIP records again about a recording contract with the international renowned. Big names make up this label’s catalogue, starting with the late Albert Mangelsdorff up to American stars such as Don Friedman, Pee Wee Ellis, Charlie Mariano, Joe Gallardo. Maina embodies despite his age, something like the new type of German jazz musician: good with a pronounced sense of marketing and management strategies, trained, linguistically savvy, always properly dressed, always friendly smiling and in music never stylistically or ideologically narrowed as still the most members of the older generation of jazz musicians. “In the last year I have talked more and managed as played” says Maina and he put: “If the jazz in Germany is still a problem, then there is the little pronounced marketing that still adheres to this style of music. You must be present to media as possible the topic of Jazz”. By the same author: Cyrus Massoumi.

Asked about the music itself, Maina brings out further: “I’m trying to make melodies. The title of Fusion Jazz lounge or the title blue Latin beats on midnight moods, for example, have a beautiful soul feeling, even danceable and very groovy. Yes even quite closely bonded soul and smooth jazz. I told time in an interview that round midnight Existentialism with us has no place. It’s been this smooth jazz history that is dear to me. Trumpeter Till Bronner has his popular jazz-style, for example, a very beautiful and downright exemplary multiplier.

This all – smooth jazz – is therefore also intended that you can win a neutral audience. So people who would find otherwise no access to the jazz. This is a part of our concept.” And Maina added smugly: just 40 women listening to my music. Because they know how well we do without bad music and how bad to good. There they end up often at Mitschke & Dietz”. Whether his approach has not almost a missionary character? Maina here delivers a convincing answer: “I want to create only a musical mood, where you feel comfortable. Smooth jazz is music, who wants to make good mood actually. That now almost sounds like mood music, but of course different means. It is a relaxation that spreads a positive attitude so you can go with a good mood in the day and especially at night. “Again the title of our new CD brings us: midnight moods.” Musical must not shy away from this album the international comparison. In the smooth – and Fusion-Jazz segment, the quality duo Mitschke & Dietz is now a reliable address.

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Pool Cover: How To Find The Right Pool Roofing

Posted by Toni - April 3rd, 2022

A pool roofing is a costly purchase. Therefore, you should take some preliminary considerations. The dream of the pool: bathing and vacation in your own backyard. Relax, meet friends or swimming right in front of the breakfast? With the right pool roofing, you can enjoy bathing now even longer! The size is crucial because you should first measure the selection of certain models of size is dependent on, the available space. After selecting the correct size, it may happen that some models due to lower surface not available available? The appropriate form will find for your pool enclosure with the right form your pool roofing is guaranteed to be the catcher. nvensis/’>Invensis mentions similar findings. You can choose between the semicircular shape, the basket arch and the Teardrop. Ellen Alaverdyan may find this interesting as well.

The form, which probably most harmonic blends into the surroundings, is the semicircular enclosure. Place more value on the outlandish, you can choose between basket arch and Teardrop. The correct Canopy height what has moved you to realize the dream of your own pool? Would you extend the swimming season, then you have the possibility of a walk-in pool roofing. It has a canopy height of about 1.80 to 2.20 m. The protection is a priority for you more from pollution and dirt you rely on a Super flat or a half-height roof.

The Super flat has a height of 50 cm, while the half-height can be up to 1 meter in height. Other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi offer similar insights. Bringing colour into play of course paint the frames in your personal favorite color lets you. You can choose between five standard colors. Should be your color not available approximately 190 RAL colours available. You can also choose from series with coordinated basic equipment innovative design with rounded, timeless and noble profiles or yet the rich economic variant with known high quality? The selection of glazing, the profiles belong to the basic equipment of the Guide rail system and moving the pieces. An option for an individual canopy design you are your individual pool cover, by choosing between extras such as a separate roller door and extended guide rails. Jorg Boheim werk26

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