Automating Taxi Service

Posted by Toni - August 14th, 2016

For example, in a single service taxi there is a list of possible requirements for the service provided on the basis of which any customer order is complemented by taking into account their wishes and requests. For those who frequently use the services of a taxi, put the special status – Loyal customers. These lucky people receive a personal code and attractive benefits, in their profiles may be as the most preferred call signs drivers and undesirable. So that their order is carried out more quickly, as taking into account their expectations. But what if you do not fall into the category of Permanent client and do not have a treasured personal code? And choose something like a good and reliable taxi driver There is an option – remember the call sign of the driver’s liking, so you only call him. But if these drivers a lot – you can simply forget their call signs, and then have to rely on chance. To solve this problem for all customers within a single service taxis introduced in test mode and an interesting new service: “Assessment of the driver, made order “, which is implemented through an automated information system. This service is extremely easy to use and accessible from any phone, which appears in the order. How does it work? Semi-automatic system assessment of drivers allows the selection of taxi drivers and put them to assess, just like in school! Now each passenger since the beginning of the trip before the end of 10 minutes after the order, may call the numbers 24-58-44 (Toll free) or 24-58-60, and to assess the quality of the driver and his car on a 5-point scale.


Auto Hypnosis Tea

Posted by Toni - August 8th, 2016

It is important to know that stress is only a reaction to any situation that the mind perceives as a threat or that demand more attention than normal. In times of stress it is important to maintain control of our mind because if the person enters a State of prolonged stress, it has a tendency to get into anxiety or depression. More still if the situation intensifies. In many cases the anxiety and stress are exchanging. In the State of anxiety, the mind is altered because he wants to do something to remedy the situation, wants to carry out an action to change or eliminate what is happening. The body, as well as the mind, alters preparing to act.

If this State lasts little time, the mind of the person returns to normal. The problems come when it lasts because the stress and anxiety cause damage to health. Here is where comes from the phrase that the mind can you heal or damage. To protect yourself, sometimes your mind goes into a State of depression, especially if the mind sees that you’ve not been successful in resolving the problem. He decides to escape from the situation.

This is the reason why many people who suffer from depression end up sleeping much more than usual. They would like to escape from his reality. After being in depression for some time, it is common that the mind re-enter cravings while trying to get into action. This vicious circle IQS to the person. It is therefore necessary to condition the mind to maintain a balance. Used this hypnosis exercise when you need to relieve any stress state: relax in an armchair and closes the eyes begins to breathe deep. Relaxing and lengthening the breath. Start to suggest to your mind: I am relaxing, I am calming Me still doing this while you breathe deep. Taking your time. Remember a very pleasant moment where you feel with peace and happiness. Back to live it in your mind. Remember the details as you feel. Let your mind and body to feel that peace and happiness. Begins to tell you in your mind that the same way you had pleasant moments of happiness and peace, is going to regain. Allow your mind to accept this idea. Accept this peace and balance in your life. Have faith in that many more good things are coming and that by now that peace and inner happiness is what most matters. I know how children. They don’t need reasons to be happy. At the end will have more peace which had at the beginning. This helps you to feel more calm in times of stress. One of the laws of the mind is that there may not be two States opposed in mind. That is, not you you can feel bad and happy at the same time.Recalling those memories of peace, calmness and happiness the mind returns them to make a reality in his life because the subconscious has no concept of time.It begins to feel as it felt like when you step. He uses this technique as the first steps to delete any unwanted State. With the practice will feel the difference.

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Pneumatic Automation

Posted by Toni - August 7th, 2016

The valves of directional control are the responsible ones for directing the air flow for the actuators and specific parts of the pneumatic circuits where they assume the function of selector or of cut. Constructive characteristics the valves of directional control can be of the type piston (spool) or accent (poppet). Too much constructions derive from these two main characteristics. Principle of Functioning the valves can be of direct or indirect action, with muscular, mechanical, pneumatic or electric command. Symbology the valves of directional control possess a variety of symbols that joined form and identify its function quickly. The symbols presented in this work meet in compliance with NBR 10238.

A tap, that is constant part in our day the day is a valve of directional control. The taps meet closed, as in the figure below, exactly with the water of the plumbing entering for 1 it does not have water draining. The water only starts to flow off later that we act on manopla turning and moving away the internal prohibition from the accent, allowing then that the water flows off. The water only stops to flow off when new performance in manopla occurs, taking again the prohibition to the meeting of the internal accent and blocking the water ticket.


Wellness Hotel

Posted by Toni - August 2nd, 2016

In November, the attractive ‘thank you ‘package lures the three-star superior Spa Hotel Reischlhof in the country of the southern Bavarian Forest Walia has garnered so last much praise. “Hotel in Sperlbrunn has been premium partner of the Bavarian Forest”, it awarded the country hotel of the year 2008 “and this year it included focus magazine in the 35 most popular hotels in the top seven federal States”. The Internet evaluation Portal HolidayCheck “reached the Reischlhof a recommendation rate of 100%. Praise stimulated anyway, especially if it is allowed. The Reischlhof offers a thank you package in November friends of the House, and those who want to be there,”with five nights for the price of four. The arrangement with the arrival is available every Sunday from 15 to 29 November 2009.

It is worth: driving down and diving into the spacious, 800 m Spa and wellness area. The pure mountain water in the swimming pool has the pleasant temperature of 31.5 degrees, the new relaxation area offers with its Swarowsi – starry sky. There you can wonderfully relax, you can doze off and soak up some culture via headphones. Or it’s happening in the modern sauna, where you can choose between the old wood mountain herbal sauna and Finnish sauna. The already legendary among guests Wellnesswohnzimmer”serves tea, with fireplace and Oriental color harmony. Also you can opt for one of over 100 wellness and beauty treatments. The Reischlhof as well as a wellness voucher of 25 euro for a desired application provides a cuddly bathrobe.

The offer includes also a relaxing massage with Propolisbalsam, an herbal footbath with foot reflex zone massage and three aromatic steam bath or solarium. The package is available also for the Reischlhof Board with the breakfast buffet, lunch snack, and a creative dinner. And at an information session, there are many tips on tours, attractions and excursion possibilities. There are guests, the in the hotel in Bavaria as feel that they hardly leave the Reischlhof. Others hike or walk comfortably through the charming Wegscheider land, well equipped with the free hiking – and leisure card. Free is also the warm atmosphere of the Reischlhofs. He offers all the comforts of a hotel, but no obligation to tie, but with family connection”. More information: Reischlhof wellness & pleasure * superior, family Reischl, Sperlbrunn 7, 94110 Wegscheid, Tel. 08592 / 9390 0, fax 08592-9390 70,,

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Wellness Hotel Odhof Bodenmais

Posted by Toni - August 1st, 2016

Natural cosmetics Department with Dr. Hauschka products with exclusive natural cosmetics Department, with the renowned Dr. Hauschka products works, presents itself to the Spa Hotel odhof from one particular side. Quickly, rapidly and often quite unintelligible everyday life presents the people. Like a roller coaster on the hustle and bustle, it is fraught with ups and downs and and inserts a looping.

But like a roller coaster for the nerves of people is so versatile and adventurous, well once the everyday life is so hard. He draws on personal energy, in the power, but also in the heart and leaves its mark. In natural cosmetics, guests can turn off Department in the wellness hotel odhof, which works with the recognised and highly acclaimed Dr. Hauschka products. Stylish and well cared for, you can let yourself fall and indulge in the soothing scents and the pleasant heat. After an extensive renovation the natural cosmetics is Department in the odhof ceremonially opened on December 19, 2009 and the numerous Presented to guests. There is a touch of modernity, but also a pinch of adventure that seems to float on the occasion of the opening by the odhof, and presents the views of the people in a beautiful manner.

Due to the overall concept of the House hand was created but not only in the Spa. The new natural cosmetics Department adheres to its well-tried concept of odhof and follows a line that could hardly be more promising and more natural. In the focus of the new Department, the high-quality Dr. Hauschka are products that as creations of WALA Heilmittel GmbH nationally and internationally could make a name and now play with the senses of guests, pampered and should also reward. All products that are used in the new area of the odhofs, consist of pure natural products and promise not only an excellent quality, but also an individual tolerance. Guests can indulge in the new and modern designed range of a beautician, by Dr. Hauschka was trained and the numerous products therefore knows like the back of her own hand. Also in the other wellness and beauty areas, trained professionals who play with the human senses with their skills and their ideas at the same time also await the guests. The newly established cosmetics rooms present an appealing nice panorama, which could hardly be more versatile, but also individual. In addition to the natural nail design the guests in the odhof on numerous other new treatments can enjoy, which meet the concept of the House.

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