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Posted by Toni - August 8th, 2016

It is important to know that stress is only a reaction to any situation that the mind perceives as a threat or that demand more attention than normal. In times of stress it is important to maintain control of our mind because if the person enters a State of prolonged stress, it has a tendency to get into anxiety or depression. More still if the situation intensifies. In many cases the anxiety and stress are exchanging. In the State of anxiety, the mind is altered because he wants to do something to remedy the situation, wants to carry out an action to change or eliminate what is happening. The body, as well as the mind, alters preparing to act.

If this State lasts little time, the mind of the person returns to normal. The problems come when it lasts because the stress and anxiety cause damage to health. Here is where comes from the phrase that the mind can you heal or damage. To protect yourself, sometimes your mind goes into a State of depression, especially if the mind sees that you’ve not been successful in resolving the problem. He decides to escape from the situation.

This is the reason why many people who suffer from depression end up sleeping much more than usual. They would like to escape from his reality. After being in depression for some time, it is common that the mind re-enter cravings while trying to get into action. This vicious circle IQS to the person. It is therefore necessary to condition the mind to maintain a balance. Used this hypnosis exercise when you need to relieve any stress state: relax in an armchair and closes the eyes begins to breathe deep. Relaxing and lengthening the breath. Start to suggest to your mind: I am relaxing, I am calming Me still doing this while you breathe deep. Taking your time. Remember a very pleasant moment where you feel with peace and happiness. Back to live it in your mind. Remember the details as you feel. Let your mind and body to feel that peace and happiness. Begins to tell you in your mind that the same way you had pleasant moments of happiness and peace, is going to regain. Allow your mind to accept this idea. Accept this peace and balance in your life. Have faith in that many more good things are coming and that by now that peace and inner happiness is what most matters. I know how children. They don’t need reasons to be happy. At the end will have more peace which had at the beginning. This helps you to feel more calm in times of stress. One of the laws of the mind is that there may not be two States opposed in mind. That is, not you you can feel bad and happy at the same time.Recalling those memories of peace, calmness and happiness the mind returns them to make a reality in his life because the subconscious has no concept of time.It begins to feel as it felt like when you step. He uses this technique as the first steps to delete any unwanted State. With the practice will feel the difference.

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