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Posted by Toni - February 27th, 2022

The limited ability of some to find different ways to overcome the difficulties is one of the main causes of failure. As companies evolve, strategies must be attached to the new requirements. Few entrepreneurs understand that contingency plans are key for growth. Excessive optimism: For definition, entrepreneurs are optimists. This must, for otherwise they will not get out their projects, or convince others to join them with resources and labor. However, the biggest complaint of investors in the world is that they lack realism in your projections.

Overestimate revenues and underestimate costs is very common cause of business failure. It is also usual that entrepreneurs make the mistake of starting to spend what you have not yet won. Lack of knowledge of himself: Every entrepreneur before installing company must answer some basic questions: Do I have clarity in my goals? Am I thinking about the right strategy? “I can run? The relationship between the personal interests of the entrepreneur and business operation is critical to success, argues Bhide. For example, it is the same think about creating businesses to endure, or set up businesses and then sell them or to enrich themselves. If the results of the company at the end do not match the expectations of the entrepreneur, this can make it fail.

Do not make good teams, one of the most common mistakes is to believe that entrepreneurs can take forward their projects alone. For fear to share knowledge, or the love they have for their companies, tend not to join other people and lack of experience can fail. Amar Bhide, a professor at Harvard University, found that another error is to get together, for convenience, with people of similar skills or unprepared. Besides, he says, a point which generates a high proportion of failures is not able to handle the difficulties of working with family and friends.

Engineers Without Borders

Posted by Toni - February 25th, 2022

We recognize that, given the global situation, this will require an exercise of ingenuity by those who mark international agendas. Speaking of wit, we come to Engineering, so engineers and engineers believe that we must rethink our work. Understand that talent alone does not generate solutions but on the contrary has brought humanity to many disasters. However, the mill used in the service of life and life has been to transform the existence of thousands of people around the world. The mill is to be not only responsible, but ethical, and for this you must understand what society is and what their needs are. Engineers and engineers we consider that our duty is to serve the people, creating simple solutions to solve big problems. It is possible to cook with the sun, generating air conditioning using the heat, sterilizing water with solar radiation only, etc.

The great advantage of appropriate technologies is that, over any aspect of science and technology can be applied in all areas of the world, regardless of their economic and political weight. These techniques are simple to transfer, not dependence and rely on knowledge of local cultures, teach us that we must combine modern technology and ancient knowledge, ie to a dialogue on equal terms with technology makes possible to build a joint project of humanity . The future is not hopeless, on the contrary, we live to decide our history and that of future generations. Living in the risk society implies rethinking the way gone, leaving the inertia, blur the universal truths, create a shared understanding, solidarity fabrics and learn to love us, because we are not afraid to reconcile the feelings with science, science with ethics and life ethics. Therefore, let the profession and make a high whole life, flowing energy to plotting a new horizon, not only for the silenced voices, but to all voices, and without sacrificing the happiness, however, to build from within, because we are not what we have and what we have is our be. Engineers Without Borders

Conflict Management

Posted by Toni - February 25th, 2022

This antagonistic action may focus on differentiating activities: different objectives and interests (including antagonistic tend to cause conflicts (Chiavenato, 1994) Faced with the reality of Venezuelan scenario, where SMEs have serious weaknesses in terms of conflict management, climate and behavior, as investigated Ana Martinez, together with others in the political, social , economically by passing the country, it is necessary to note that many members of the organization are in a state of tension due to environmental influences and therefore, is critical that companies focus the differences can occur according to functional conflicts Garcia (2000): A confrontation between groups that is positive for the performance of the organization and on the other hand, to avoid dysfunctional conflict generating a negative reaction in individual behavior towards the objectives.

It is crucial staff participation not only in conflict resolution and weaknesses within the organization, but also is vital to understand that the needs of individuals may vary according to a particular situation and this requires managing assertiveness and clear definition of roles through job descriptions to ensure the description of roles, authority and forms of communication within the organization. Management must also remember to keep in mind that the perception that each individual has to play things, plays a key role in organizational behavior and their actions will depend on factors such as: personal, inter-group integration, power management, differences between personal and group goals, culture and organizational climate. Martinez points out, however, conflict can behave as a positive or negative force so that the address should not strive to make it disappear, but to find the causes of everything that adversely affect the efforts that the organization does to achieve its objectives..


Posted by Toni - February 25th, 2022

All these skills are necessary to get the job done. Coordination: the group of professionals with a leader at the helm, must act in an organized manner with a view to taking the project forward. The newspapers mentioned isearch not as a source, but as a related topic. Communication: Teamwork requires open communication between all members, essential to coordinate various individual performances. The team works as a machine with different gears, and all should work perfectly, if a team fails it fails. Confidence: each person relies on the good work of their classmates. This confidence leads him to accept the team's success prepend to own personal brilliance. Each member is bringing out the best of himself, not seeking out among his peers but because he expects these will do the same, he knows that this is the only way that the team can achieve their goal. Commitment: Each member undertakes to contribute the best of himself, to make every effort to get the job done.

The organization (company, university, hospital, etc) assigned to a team carrying out a particular project: The team gets a particular role, but often have the autonomy to plan, to structure the work. The team is responsible for the results but is free to organize itself as it sees fit. Within certain boundaries the team will take their own decisions without having to be constantly asking for authorization to the upper echelons. Do not forget indicated that if there is something that characterizes the work teams is that they are a finished product (except when it completes its purpose or the team falls apart.) The teams are the result of a complex interaction between people who coexist in the same place at the same time (most of the time). They weave a complex network, a web link that has, as any process human interaction, its ups and downs, their swings, their attractions and rejections. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD contains valuable tech resources. Each person joins the team from their own knowledge and experience and should articulate with the knowledge and experiences of others. At the same time, integration with an organizational model with a specific culture, values and norms that govern relations and which has often contrasted with the individual.

The general manager must bear in mind that all team members must know they are part of a group, therefore, must comply with each role without losing track of equipment. To do this, they must have the following characteristics: 1. Being able to establish satisfactory relationships with team members. 2. Be honest with yourself and others. 3. Have a sense of self-criticism and constructive criticism. 4. A sense of responsibility to meet the objectives. 5. Ability to self-determination, optimism, initiative and tenacity. 6. Have further concern, to eliminate it. Conclusions The management must know integrate with your team, provide all the assistance that they require, keeping them motivated, cohesive, integrated so that each member is fully committed to their duties, tasks to complete, unifying efforts to achieve the objectives. Do not forget that the good manager develops its action teams, using the right mix of loyalty, motivation and confidence that every human being needs to believe and take in pursuit of group goals.


The Little Charles Took a Job

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Maybe now their tender minds are blank, but as they write, this writer have in goes out as if by magic. The articles must be between 500 and 700 (some more some less) words as a prerequisite for publication. To get your item has more words and has a longer and rich lexicon can add words to the ABOVE accessory set, so we have to Carlos went to buy ice cream, so Not written a good article, The Little Charles was just and casually persiflage could even as a somewhat silly and almost infamous to the place where people often bring their families to watch several shelves, including one of them had an extraordinary lion which a ghostly voice almost suggesting he roared go buy an ice cream, then and only then went looking for his sister to ask her if she wanted ice cream, she answered no and Carlos decides to go in search of Jaime which also said no and only then went for his great and extraordinary delicious ice cream, healthy, unsuspecting and infelicitous all rich chocolate sprinkles. understand?

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CTP Policies

Posted by Toni - February 24th, 2022

Every car owner is responsible for committing a traffic accident. To all the responsibility does not lie down on the shoulders of car ownership has developed a system of risk insurance for damage health or life of people in the event of an accident. Liability insurance policy tool is an obligatory document for car owners all over Russia. Any inspector traffic police can issue fines for driving without liability insurance policy tool. In the insurance may be included up to five persons entitled to drive.

The calculation of the sum insured fee is calculated individually based on the data on your machine and your personal data. Considerable importance in the calculation of the coefficient is the fact that the car during the previous period of insurance was not in an emergency. Currently, expensive enough to be car owners. A set of payments, expensive gasoline, insurance, CTP, Hull, and other payments. Buying a car, not everyone thinks about whether the car contains. At this point, is only only one desire – to purchase car.

Even then, a little later, after putting on record the car's owner will face a CTP policy design. The presence of such an insurance policy in accordance with the law on compulsory motor third party responsibility required. In his absence, an employee of any department of traffic police has the right to impose penalties ranging from 3 to 8 minimum wages. Details can be found by clicking Jonathan Friedland or emailing the administrator. The calculation of the premium is based on the type and engine power car or other vehicle, and place of registration of the vehicle owner. Getting the CTP insurance policy is an integral part of vehicle registration, without insurance you will not only be able to travel without safely be stopped by any inspector are, but also not be able to pass a technical inspection of your vehicle. Probably better to pay a one time insurance, abide by traffic rules and drive safely on your car.

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Silva Garden

Posted by Toni - February 20th, 2022

The third great society is the Club of the Fenianos, established in 07.12.1869, with the support of Rui Barbosa, Evaristo of the Fertile valley, Quintino Bocaiva and Silva Garden, among others. Its colors were red and white and its known folies in as ' ' gatos' '. The nickname appeared because mascotes of the Club was pussies that lived observing for the windows of the headquarters. We in common see in these carnavalescos clubs some characteristics with the ones of soccer. In first place, all are dedicated clubs to the leisure. In according to place, beyond the name, they have a nickname extensive to its fans and invented by the rivals as the torcedores of the Flamengo, nicknamed ' ' urubus' ' for the other twisted ones. In third place, the carnavalescos clubs had until mascote as good part of the soccer clubs, being that of baetas it is equal to the one of America: the devil. In room place, the Democratic ones had until padroeira as the Flamengo adopts Is Judas Tadeu.

In fifth place, the carnavalescos clubs had its ' ' pufes' ' , that were poems appeared from 1877 that, among others things, looked for to exaltar its proper mritos as well as the official hymns and extra-officers of the soccer clubs. But most important, in my opinion, it is the question of the colors. The Lieutenants of the Devil were rubronegros, as the Flamengo. The Democratic ones were alvinegros, as Vasco and Botafogo. the Fenianos was alvirrubros, as America and the Bangu. We do not want, with this, to insinuate that the choice of the colors of the soccer clubs was made on the basis of the colors of the carnival clubs. When the Flamengo moved of blue and golden for red and black color, the Lieutenants of the Devil still had four colors and cogitate themselves that the Flamengo if inhaled in the Jockey Club (to see our article ' ' Shirts of clubs of colors diferentes' ').


Nursing Treatment

Posted by Toni - February 19th, 2022

Front to the treatment by means of the carried through research is confirmed that it does not have one cure still defined, thus remaining an individual and personalized and humanizada assistance. Klin (2006) tells that the autismo is a permanent comprometimento and the majority of the individuals affected for this condition remains incapable to live of independent form, and requires the familiar support or of the community or the institutionalization. Almeida (1996, p.256) affirms that until moment was not reached to the cure of the autismo. Therefore, the treatment must have for objective to take care of to the necessities of the child and the family, helping them to reach it independence in the activities of the daily life, and to acquire basic capacities. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with The Greater New York Construction User Council . By means of the intervention and assistance of Nursing if it bases on the accompaniment and evaluation of the development of the child. For Braga and Avila the nurses must invest in the practical ones of attention to the health, in the communication of its evaluation for one better confirmation of diagnosis and beginning of the treatment, present a humanizado attendance, and have consideration to the complexity and the impact of the diagnosis in the family.

By means of the found one in the cited theoretical referencial in the present article, are observed that the autismo is a syndrome that compromises the human development, more specifically in the masculine sex and if detects enters the 2 to the 3 years of age. for being an illness little known and little divulged if becomes a question of great icons with many questions and few answers. This study it searched to evidence the importance of this discovery process and domain of the content as a facilitador instrument for one better management, strategical planning and that makes possible to the nurses and professionals of the area of the health to evaluate, to know and to diagnosis the picture where if it finds the carrier of this riot.


Social Justice

Posted by Toni - February 18th, 2022

In addition, all decision will be subjects to the public and critical evaluation, in special, of the looser in the process. To judge, thus, demands qualities that involve the use of the reason and the law, searching to adapt them it the particular case and the social justice of the litigious object. To apply the knowledge of the law to the case concrete, despite dificultoso, not exaure the necessities of a good decision. It is demanded in the judgment of deals, not only the direct and simple application of the norm before the petitioned ftico case, but that the sentence obtains to ahead justify its position of the particular situation of the petitioner, who for its especificidades, it produces a distinct sentence of any another one. Jonathan Friedland may not feel the same. Important to point out, that the reason in the judgment, does not have to be directed for what the law says in its literalidade, in order to base a decision; more than what this, the abstract norm must be used as instrument of reach the best solution to the demand. For this, the reason, by itself, does not serve as decision, or justification for this, in case that it is abandoned of the context of the object of the action. Of this, it is extracted that justice, is only reached, in the sentence, when analyzed in its diverse elements, as: the norm, the fact, the social end; all these justified in common-sense, which considered in set, aims at a solution joust.

This is the paper of the judge, to give to the parts not what the law says, but what the law can say before definitive case concrete. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cardiologist. By what he was said, the judge must look for to adjust the letter of the law to the social yearnings, that is, which the way more adjusted to treat the event, as well as in accordance with the current conjuncture social and demanded by the population and the State. From there the necessity that the judge always looks for as last end the social welfare, since the person is the reason to exist of state and of the society, and the proper law. For, in such a way indispensable carrying through a balance judgment the legal goods of bigger degree enter to protect. Therefore, the function to judge is not simple task, demands for a decision joust, the balance and analysis of diverse elements, since deeds of division until materials. Such circumstance could not be different, has seen the complexity of situations that must be justified in a decision. Thus being, more adjusted it will be the judgment that it looks to harmonize and to valorar the goods and situations, as demands the social context in the present time.


Clinical Profile Analysis

Posted by Toni - February 18th, 2022

AXE, Ana Cristina Posch, et al. PROFILE EPIDEMIOLOGIST, TREATMENT AND SUPERVENED OF PATIENTS WITH BUCCAL CANCER IN TAUBAT AND REGION. Taubat: Biocincias magazine; 9 edition, 2003. 65-71 p.O development of this research: PROFILE EPIDEMIOLOGIST, TREATMENT AND SUPERVENED OF PATIENTS WITH BUCCAL CANCER IN TAUBAT AND REGION, possesss one strong relation with the description of scientific works executed by the researchers: AXE, Ana Cristina Posch, TAVARES, Pablo Gimenes, ANBINDER, Ana Read and QUIRINO, Roseli Maria de Souza, mainly for the envolvement of same with the studies of inflammations and the teciduais repairings, odontognicos tumors, beyond cerastcios. As academic formation in Odontologia and after in Buccal Pathology of these.

In the case of ANBINDER, this she is doctor in Verbal Biopatologia, as well as, specialized in Estomatologia together with QUIRINO and TAVARES, what carcinoma enriched the understanding of the buccal illness epidermide (Buccal Cancer). This work had as theoretical basement, one another study of epidemiologia of the carcinoma epidermide, in the state of Sergipe, carried through for the moment in 2003. AXE, TAVARES, ANBINDER and QUIRINO, had also searched information, in the National Institute of the Cancer, in order to know the estimates of incidences and mortality for cancer in Brazil in the one of 2003. They had gotten the characteristic physician-epidemiologists of the buccal cancer, when reading the work of OAK in 2001. Of LINE, they had been able to verify the gnicas alterations and the development of the pathology in question. Happily, the same ones had not been forgotten the workmanship: ' ' Pathology Oral and MaxiloFacial' '. (NEVILLE, B.W, et al, 1995), a valuable reference for the understanding of verbal neoplasias. The research had as intention, the delineation of the profile epidemiologist of the patients with buccal cancer, taken care of of 1993 the 1998, in the Clinic of Buccal of the Department of Odontologia of the UNITAU, beyond evaluating given related to the clinical estadiamento, considered treatment and supervened Diagnosis.


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