The Relation

Posted by Toni - December 20th, 2014

Later directly involving them in the importance of each one of them so that the organization can take care of to the objectives and goals established for the organization. Boarding for processes? Understanding itself that an internal process of a company depends on another one, the agreement is taken that all must work in tunning with excessively so that they can take care of to the objectives and goals, that is, if a process does not walk well, can be harming the other, therefore the interatividade guarantees the good course of the organization.? Sistmica boarding of the management? In the sistmica boarding of management it must be understood that each one of the involved collaborators in each one of the processes must be engaged, that is, each one must have strong knowledge with its responsibilities and authorities to execute its tasks on the basis of procedures elaborated and approved well by a responsible committee.? Continuous improvement? The continuous improvement of an organization must every day be searched of activity of a company, and these registering to have a description of good practical of work being able for serving as reference for other processes and having if evidenced mainly for the customer who is the main beneficiary of these improvements.? Boarding in the taking of decisions? In an organization the verb must be nailed to believe, that is, many individuals costumam to work with verb to find that backwards the sensation of lack of credit in what is becoming, whenever to carry through some improvement, either in a product, or service, must be studied minutely what intends to carry through stops later making use of I I believe that goes to give certain does not find in it that perhaps it gives certain.? Relationship with suppliers? The relation with suppliers must be understood as being a strong partnership and that it guarantees that will not have imperfections in its internal process.


Teodulo Lopez Melendez

Posted by Toni - December 18th, 2014

Will not go to primary Teodulo Lopez Melendez the so-called officers of the unity democratic (MUD) has exacerbated their vices of origin up to the limits. It was founded as an Alliance of parties without involvement of the social body and on the social body has developed a dictatorial exercise prevaliendo of the monopoly of the postulation and despair more than justified from a part of the population that want to produce a respite in the Government. It has become a fetish, one that has placed in the collective imagination as the word Holy and able to resolve the conflict afflicting us unit. They have understood it not as the incorporation of the most vast sectors to a common project, but as an instrument of domination. So, as they protect every arbitrary and unilateral decision in the unitary protective mantle, one that warns that if that unit is broken output would make impossible the present regime.

The people protest, but assimilates. Not been raised, moreover, anything other than a return to freedom, to democracy and to the separation of powers, generalities with which in this world and in this historic moment cannot be combated. To replace the present is necessary to design the alternative country, a project not anti but alternative. In terms of the specific problems faced by the population have been limited to a list of good intentions. The procedures, ways and exercises to which this table of democratic unity we subjected do not indicate anything other than practices of old politics, constant game of intrigue, Petite politicking, amen of a conceptual backwardness that literally makes it a return to the past approach. The vision that I have of the country is building another future and is evident that doesn’t match what the MUD sticks out. Without this alternative approach will collapse the false allegation that comes out of the present first and then see.


Ergometer Bikes

Posted by Toni - December 15th, 2014

Static bikes are gym equipment that allow to perform cycling indoor and pedaling without leaving the site, simulating the movements of cycling, sport that has large transfer. They have brake mechanism that opposed friction to ride not in vacuum, regulator of resistance to modify the intensity of the effort and inertia system so that pedaling is fluid. Static bikes allow you to work the lower part of the body and perform an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Concept static bikes is commonly used for sports training for its low impact on joints, safety movement and effectiveness in cardiovascular exercise. Static bikes are used for aerobic training, improve fitness, lose weight, rehabilitation, winter training, or warm up before races. It is a widely used exercise machine both at the domestic level as a professional in health clubs and racing teams. Types look at the main types of static bikes: vertical: feature saddle, pedals and handlebars, and they adopt a position similar to a conventional bicycle. Recumbent: be pedaling sitting on a seat with backrest which avoids the inconvenience of the saddle, being suitable for the elderly or with back problems.

Spinning: are characterized by a heavy wheel of inertia (20 kg or more) that accumulates kinetic energy and simulate the inertia of movement, allowing a similar to conventional bicycles pedaling. Fixing rollers: are devices that allow immobilize conventional bicycles and adapt them as static bikes. Without fixing rollers: they allow you to use conventional bicycles as static bikes but without block the wheels, so it not only trains physical fitness but also balance and rhythm of pedalling. Pedaling is fluid because it is solid roller with an optimum moment of inertia. Mini: they consist only of pedals and resistance, no saddle or handlebar, by what they take up little space and are cheaper. Placed on the ground and the user pedal while sitting on a Chair. Resistance static bikes created resistance and allow you to adjust the difficulty of pedalling, and may employ different systems: mechanism of friction: offers direct frictional resistance adjustable by turning a lever.

Flywheel: a heavy disc regulates the resistance and ensures that the bike working smoothly. Magnetic resistance: eliminates the mechanical friction and therefore allows a soft and easily adjustable. Resistance by fluid: oil, opposing greater resistance the more intensely pedaling or offers resistance by means of a fan that moves air. A Reed Reed, cycle-Ergometer or bicycle Ergometer, is an electronic device that measures various parameters of the pedalling and informs the user of the work done. The majority of static bikes indicate speed, mileage and time spent, while the most complete have heart rate monitor, meter power, calories consumed, exercise programs or a simulator that shows the user on a screen (TV, PC or display) circulating in virtual landscapes with others cyclists, wind, ports, etc.

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Low Calories

Posted by Toni - December 10th, 2014

Today I’m going to talk about the 5 most common myths about diets for weight loss. Unfortunately, there is much incorrect information and people usually give you advice without knowing what to say. Diets can cause you harm and even make you gain weight, so it is important to know the following 5 myths about diets. Myth #1: Die of hunger have a caloric deficit is key in order to lose weight. When you begin to burn more calories than that they eat through daily diet, your body will begin to use stored fat for energy which will make you lose weight.

If you take this concept to the extreme and you die of hunger, it will do you lose a lot more weight? No! If you reduce too many calories, your metabolism will drop to conserve energy, which will cause a minor loss of weight. #2 Myth: Low carbohydrate diets although they lost a little fame, these diets are still very popular and people still believe that they can cure obesity. The low-carbohydrate diet works because at the eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, these eliminating many foods that you can eat, and therefore you end up eating less. If eat 2. 000 calories in a diet without carbohydrates or 2.

000 calories in a diet low in everything, you lose the same amount of kilos. #3 Myth: All junk food is bad there are health maniacs who continue to believe that any amount of junk food is unhealthy. It is not true at all. All meals can be enjoyed in moderation. The main function of food is making us happy and people who are not agreements probably have never tried a good piece of pizza. A meal begins to be unhealthy if eaten too. A couple of pieces of pizza is not problem, eating a whole box Yes.