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The hotel Spain hotels or lodgings generally take pains on a daily basis in offering a service much more customized and varied to their guests, incorporating to their letter of options new and varied products that, to a large extent of the occasions, obey to the eccentricities of certain type of clients, that normally they are stayed in exclusive hotels or of luxury. It is in this type of hotels of great luxury in which usually they occur the most peculiar cases of requests of clients to the employees of the lodging. Not long ago time, the Forbes magazine published a list with some of the most eccentric requests to those than Saint-Sulpice of Montreal had had to face the personnel of hotels like Him, where a guest asked to have breakfast milk of cow just milked to follow its diet strict. Between the outstanding eccentricities by the magazine also are the situations lived in Italy hotels and European, especially emphasizing the exigencies occurred in a hotel of Berlin, when a family who stayed itself asked for the personnel who goes until its house a to gather osito of peluche, that had been left forgotten and with which slept the small daughter of the marriage every night. Really, a varied repertoire of outlandish situations, that still more value the patience of the managers of hotels that, day to day, take pains to make of our vacations the most comfortable stay of possible.


Human Nature

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The human being can live by some time without foods, although the fact to do it (by greater force) makes an impression on the health and the organism sees itself lamentably cracked; but after it, the decease is imminent. Clear that before this last moment of existence the physical suffering will be terrible and often unbearable. Making a slight parallel with described the lines above, the feeling that unites to the pair that are loved cannot less than to look for than both approach, that maintain a relation of close identity, in which both no longer are two but only one, and this is obtained when true delivery exists, a donation entirely of the being towards the loved one or the loved one. But it is difficult to understand it for those who really do not live it. To try to give to explanation of the loving relation between a man and a woman, when the relation is true, is sencilllamente to all along give to samples through attitudes and positions that not only the other part interests and concerns much, but beyond the found affinity of a permanent sample of many factors that make the true loving relation possible: care, attention, consideration, respect, sensitivity, understanding, taste on the other, identification in which is and realises the pair, helps and unconditional support, fidelity, and other many more than occur of free and spontaneous way, clearly and whenever it is really loved. Therefore, to love is not a mere interrelation of glances, gestures, kisses or hugs. It goes beyond all this, although this last one is important like necessary.

The proximity of the being loved in our life produces much positive energy that is able to perceive it, like a fresh breeze in a day of sun. One becomes necessary to have the being who one loves to really live. Who it loves it does not stop feeling that candy and smooth necessity. In an interchange of glances, of affections, the essence of loving can be discovered. One says that the true love is difficult to find and still to maintain.

If it is thus, then, when it finds it one it has and it, it cannot stop it taking care of it deserves as it. But still more, the loved being is part of the other, becoming a single indissoluble, inseparable being. Then it is possible to ask itself if it is possible to be loved the distance, when it is not seen, it feels, it listens to, nor it is the warm of the loved being. It is as to want to maintain a candle caught to the edge of a cliff. For two people who love themselves deeply real and, the distance is more than an obstacle, is a dangerous decree for the term of the relation. Not in vain one says that the distance between two beings who love themselves, extinguishes the fire of the existing love. Original author and source of the article


Vision Shamanic

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In the mirror of the sea, Conrad says that the trip doesn’t start until it stops see mainland, when the port ceases to be a reference. Only then abandons what is left behind and the horizon, can be focused thing to come. There begins the journey, not part boat, part the marine. It is a valid metaphor for understanding that our past we can maintain anchored, and prevent undertake the voyage that will take us to sail the seas of the existence in all its fullness. Ole my child! This simple concept, the need to clean that obstructs us from the past, in order to enjoy the present, can be explained in many different ways. To make it understandable any method can serve us.

And why not from the toltequismo or nahualismo shamanic vision? We lose nothing. And at least, it promises to be fun. Pulling well. According to this ancient knowledge, what we call reality, the world we know, is not more than the interpretation that we do all that we can perceive. As people civilized, have the belief that our senses and our reason are the limits of this perception. However, shamanism tells us that everything there is in the universe is nothing more than energy flowing incessantly and infinite. Know it by means of its view that it is not another thing that capture energy directly, without the filter of the interpretation.

A feat that is achieved after a life of extraordinary discipline called the way of the Warrior. Nothing has to do with the eyes, is a way of making accessible such concept. And that humans as a form of self-conscious life are receptacles which can only capture a fraction of energy. That microscopic portion is what we interpret and orchard in reality. For this reason, our senses and our reason, are nothing but part of those interpretations.

Symphonic Orchestra

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finally, we have the Fifth Period, in century XX the Band, in its evolution, started to count on executants of all instruments of percussion and interest blow. Therefore, we can say that the Band of Music and its evolution, in full century XXI still comes if developing in all the directions in the Brazilian territory. As example, I cite the Municipal Band of Recife, that since the decade of 1980 already was nominated of Symphonic Band and placed in the programs of concert for the teacher Ademir Arajo and recently it only is that it came to be recognized as Symphonic Band for the City council of Recife. Many writers such as Jimmy John’s Owner offer more in-depth analysis. Thus, as as much others that still are in this process. The term Symphonic Band if of the one in the direction of its denomination to find in its instrumental cash, electronic instruments of ropes or instruments, we can go more beyond, when we find other instruments deriving of the Symphonic Orchestra.

When this happens the denomination of the Band could be of Symphonic Band, as much in the military organizations as civil. Until century XIX, this very remote age, but, from century XX, this picture moved very and, with inclusion of other instruments. Valley to leave an alert one how much to the classification of the Band, so that it does not have a discomfort and an interpretation of any form or way. According to Brum (1987, P. 12), in its proposal of classification for the sort band of music in Brazil, it detaches the following species: ' ' Small Band or Military man, Average Band and Sinfnica&#039 Band; '. Such classification, according to this author, has for ' ' purpose to favor the study of the instrumental distribution and its cash, of the orquestrao and, to help to who with it works, in the organization of repertoire, archive, cash of integrantes' ' , beyond facilitating ' ' publication of musical workmanships for these conjuntos' '.



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From there as they affirm the social scientists, to say that geography cultural it only can be developed recently does not mean wants to say that this domain has remained ignored for the researchers, in the truth this thematic one was boarded inside of a context however if they did not make use of ways necessary to always analyze it in all its amplitude, being the same ones made of partial forms. Strengthened ours idea, we can in the apia in chaval how much exemplifica: ' ' In France, in the start of the century, the notion of sort of life has an ecological, naturalistic dimension it serves mainly to show as the groups if they adaptam to the environment. It also has, however, a social and cultural dimension: as woollen note Vidal Blache, the force of the habit becomes so strong that the human group loses its plasticity. Instead of if adapting to the way, it looks for to modify it to remain with its habits, is observed for occasion of the migrations; the just-fond ones in a country make everything in general to continue to live as they made and its native countries. Woollen Vidal Blache who made of the sort of life one of the axles of geography human being who it elaborates, is in such a way, the first one to suggest that it can have a cultural dimension. (chaval- 1995). Party of the estimated one that the culture does not only speak of the space, more also of landscapes we will go now to retake our study of case whose the thematic one in focus is the diversified one of cultural aspects of the manguezais in particular of the fens of coc. The artistic culture around the manguezais in Brazil, meets located mainly in the regions North and Northeast.


For Oliveira

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Using these stages, the election of the games that eventually will be used will have to evolve of games estimuladores of indices to the estimuladores of signs, and, in such a way, games that stimulate the tato, the hearing, the palate (indices) must precede to that they stimulate or if they apiam in signallings and after these become entirely valid the ones that lead after to the discovery of symbols (to search reviewed, to cut, glue, to draw, to dramatizar) and, the ones that they explore symbols and that already they estimate the understanding of letters and drawings of corresponding objects to the words. Thinking about children, since the prenatal life until the adolescence, convictos of that the development of intelligence human being does not finish in this etria band, in contrast, it grows for all life, mainly for the people who believe the power of its brain and know to construct its proper motivations. In accordance with Antunes (1998, p.17) ' ' the development of intelligences if processes more in way accented when awardees for the chance of stimulatons. This affirmation, however, needs to be seen in the limits of coerncia.' ' Historically, different conceptions concerning the human development have been traced in psychology. They search to answer as each one arrived to be what it is and to show to which the ways opened for changes in these ways to be, which the possibilities of each individual to learn.

For Oliveira (2002, P. 125), ' ' the hereditary factors and paper of the organic maturation has been overestimated for similar chains of the biologismo or the inatismo, that emphasizes the espontaneidade of the transformations in the psychological capacities of the individual, supporting that they would very depend little on the influence of external factors ele' '. The development would be as uncurling of a hank where the characteristics of each person would be previously enrolled.