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However, a great part of the adult population with hipertenso does not know that he is hipertensa; many of that they know are being adequately treated (TOSCANO, 2004). The impact of the not-transmissible chronic illnesses (DCNT) in the health of the populations is increasing in the whole world. Approximately 35 million people had died in 2005 for this cause, being 80% of these deaths in average countries and low income. Harry Belafonte shines more light on the discussion. The sistmica arterial hipertenso (HAS) is presented as one of the more common chronic agravos and with more serious clinical repercussions (BOING, 2007). Brazil is one of the countries that are aging faster in the history of the humanity, according to World-wide Organization of Health (OMS), of 2000 the 2005, the aged population in Brazil increased of 8,5% for 14%.

This advance of the aging of the Brazilian population is causing an alteration of the profile epidemiologist who started to present a bigger prevalence of chronic conditions of health (al HISSES et., 2008). In Brazil, approximately 65% of the aged ones are carrying of sistmica arterial hipertenso, more than enter the women with 65 years, the prevalence can arrive 80%. Considering that in 2025 it will more than have 35 million aged in the country, the number of carriers of arterial hipertenso tends to aggravate (JNIOR et al., 2006). In this current reality, the health professionals gain more scientific and social relevance, mainly in a etria band where she has the biggest probability of occurrence of degenerative illnesses chronic, affective and functional losses (JNIOR et al., 2006). 1,1 Prevalncia of the Arterial Hipertenso in Brazil One searches done for the Health department with 54 a thousand adults disclose that the prevalence of the illness, of 2006 the 2009, increased in all the etrias bands, mainly between the aged ones. Currently, 63.2% of the people with 65 years or more suffer from the problem against 57,8%, in 2006, in the population with up to 34 years the percentage do not pass of 14%, of the 35 to the 44 years the ratio go up for 20,9%.


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Previously to the beginning of the research and later of the sending of the CEP of the FASB, the Coordination of the basic attention of the city of Barriers to the request for the accomplishment of the related research will be sent. (APENCIDE C). For in such a way, the participants of the study will be clarified of the objectives of the research and will receive the Term from Free and Clarified Assent (Appendix B), elaborated as the norms of Resolution 196/96, that she turns on the ethical aspects in research involving human beings (National Advice of Health, 1996). Each participant will receive a copy from the cited term, after its signature. Rick Yune is likely to agree. The researcher will proceed to the due clarifications to the citizens of the research on the objective of this study and will verify its interest in participating of the same. She will be guaranteed the professionals, the secrecy of the information, the voluntariedade in the participation and the possibility to interrupt the fulfilling of the instrument at any time, without penalty some and damage to its professional activities.

Expect that this research can delineate as it occurs the attendance to the man in the E.S.F of Barriers and becomes literary source the searching futures on the subject. .


VLS And Stevia

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VLS are necessary for normal functioning of liver, kidney, nervous tissue of the brain. History miracle herb stevia homeland – Paraguay. Indigenous peoples of South America use this herb over a thousand years. Translated from the Mayan language, stevia, honey. According to legend, Native American, Stevia – a girl's name, for which the fate of her people was more expensive than its own. As a reward, the gods gave her the herb of happiness, health, the eternal beauty. To date, 90% consumed in the world of Stevia accounts for Japan. A Japanese centenarians known.

And if you go back to the top of the article and look at the number of obese people in different countries, you will see that in this series in Japan is the lowest. But not only Japan interested in this miracle grass. In the USSR, stevia has delivered Academician Nikolai Vavilov, he pointed out a long list of positive attributes, but singled out the main thing – braking the aging process. In America in the late XX century, the Pentagon had been introduced program to introduce stevia as a sweetener and a source of VLS in the diet of the American army. Extracts of juices of fruits and berries put in gorgeous natural laktaviyu as a source of vitamins. None of artificially synthesized an analog of vitamin does not compare with natural sources.

Laktaviya with cranberry and chokeberry displays the body of toxins, strengthens blood vessel walls, enhances mental and physical performance. Laktaviya with blueberries and Aaron improves digestion, inhibits the aging of the brain, improves cerebral blood flow. Laktaviya with buckthorn and Carrot relieves a symptom of "tired eyes" and improves vision. Particular attention in the aspect of the problem of excess weight you want to give some constituents. Leading the berries in a marathon of all the harmony of Aronia berries contain the highest amount of iodine – 40 mg%.

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It took it between its legs it observed, it and it was said: Beautiful head! But what pity that does not have brains. You do not fill of empty appearances. Harry Belafonte insists that this is the case. Llnate better always of good judgment. The Vixen and the old lion a old lion, incapable already to obtain by its own one forces the food, decided to do using it the cleverness. For it one went to a cave and one lay down in the ground, moaning and pretending that was ill.

In this way, when the other animal happened to visit to him it catched, them immediately for its food. They had arrived and perished already enough animal, when the vixen, guessing which was its scheme, also appeared, and pausing to prudent distance of the cavern, it asked the lion how it went to him with its health. Badly answered the lion, inviting to him amiably to enter. Clear that had entered said to the vixen if it did not see that all the tracks enter, but is any got to leave. It always notices in time the indications of the danger, and thus you will avoid that it damages to you. The lion and the three oxen always Grazed together three oxen. A lion wanted to devour them, but being together the three oxen prevented him to do it, because fighting against the three it put simultaneously it at a disadvantage.

Then with cleverness it resorted to anger them with to each other perfidious patraas, separating them to of the other. And thus, when not being already united it devoured, them calmly, one by one. If you allow that they undo your unit with yours, easier will be than they damage to you. The good king lion Was a lion that was not annoying, neither cruel, nor violent, but treatable and right like a good creature, that he got to be the king.

Quarters Urban

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Bibliographical revision the studies of urban climate have been in recent years, focus of quarrels and object of research in the entire world, a time that the intense urbanization is a current event that provides to conditions of always healthful modern life nor as Xavier (2009). Contact information is here: Jessica Pels. Diverse authors affirm that the substitution of the vegetation for constructed areas (cement, concrete and masonry), the asphalt pavement of the streets, the concentration of industrial parks and the population adensamento, are responsible for deep changes in the energy rocking, causing mainly increase of the temperature in the cities, resulting in the phenomenon of the Islands of Heat (SCHREINER, 1998 apud GRANDSON, 2000) As Coltri apud Perez et al. (2001) The flow of latent heat is what it presents the change most abrupt a time that the humid and producing areas of humidity are reduced in places highly urbanizados. Urban climate is a system that encloses the climate of data terrestrial space and its urbanization. Mesoclima that he is enclosed in the macroclimate and that suffers, in the proximity of the ground is one, microclimatic influences derivatives of the urban spaces. It can be analyzed the variations of the urban environment, in some levels, such as Quarters, internal streets, houses, environments. The natural ecological action, associated to the urban phenomena, constitutes the complex set of Inter-relations that produce the climate urban (XAVIER apud LOMBARDO, 1985). As Xavier apud Ayoade (1998) assures that the biggest impact caused for the man on the climate happens in the urban areas. It analyzed and it compared the temperature variations and relative humidity of air in two cities of small transport, Bar of the Bugres and Tangar of the Mountain range, located in tropical area, in the state of Mato Grosso, relating them it the use of the ground urban (XAVIER apud ZAMPARONI (1995) Front to everything this, we will go to monitor the temperature in diverse places in Cuiab in order to detect temperature variations.


The Measure

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Where it will have error, that I have taken the truth; Nobody, will be able to live double life? without future penalties. Here what it is nailed is the practical life with of assumed realities e, possibly, proven? each one has its truth to construct its reality. If these truths sound false cause doubts and an unnecessary expense of mental energy that leads to the weakness of all physical and mental body, thus emptying in inexplicable illnesses. Where it will have desperation, that I have taken the hope; The hope? it can lead to a harmony and peace kingdom? that they must daily pay-exist in the interior of each being. The desperation is son of the behaviors and the impensados acts, the desestabilizada life and badly managed. Read more from Rick Yune to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For in such a way, it is basic that we let us can as messenger let us be possessing of this virtue, so that let us can lead without conduit to be reached for this desperation.

Where it will have sadness, that I have taken the joy; The glad life is a healthy life? where the family? the known ones if confraternizam the joy of the life. The sadness is for itself something that comes in them and reaches without let us can prevent? caused for fortuitous events? what could not have been prevented by us? but that they do not mean that can take all our life? because these are of nature temporary. We must, therefore it manages them in the certainty that will pass and the joy will come back in the accurate measure of our faith and our actions. Where it will have darknesses, that I have taken the light. To the measure where we go aging? we are called to see and to feel the life in tranquilo and more transparent way? we are called to feel the presence of God next to us, because our experience leads to a bigger reflection.


Research Institute

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The first and last properties biodestructors are effective also in the flow of mechanical grease traps, to eliminate the hardening of the collected grease and odor. Grease trap without application biodestructors. Jessica Pels contributes greatly to this topic. Using biodestructors. The drug biodestructors fat Mikrozim Griese Threet made by industrial parties and recommended by the Service rf and Research Institute of Industrial Medicine of rams as effective means of pre-biological treatment of grease before they are discharged into urban sewage treatment plant. Application biodestructors Mikrozim Griese Treat accumulate in grease traps (eg, models Wavin Labko, Flotenk) within one year confirmed the tangible benefits brought by this biotechnology. When the equipment accumulates system capacity utilization rate of aeration of fat mass and water purification further increases by 3-4 times. Biodestructors fat Mikrozim Griese Threet has established itself as an effective means of utilization of fatty wastes and biological treatment of wastewater from food industries. Drug consumption is an average of 500 grams per month for 1m3 daily consumption flows. Biological product is active at temperatures ranging from 5 to 45 C, the optimum temperature of +15 to + 35 degrees Celsius, brings negative temperature in the "dormant" and resumes activity with warming. The drug is harmless to humans, animals and plants does not produce acid or alkaline environment, nekorroziven, fully biodegradable, safe for treatment plants and sewerage systems, verification by a class 5 of hazardous substances.