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Posted by Toni - March 7th, 2018

If a service company, logically bound indicator is the rate of customer satisfaction. Indicators should be at least the following qualities: a. Aligned to strategy. It is the first quality, the indicator should be in line with company strategy. If the company has committed to deliver on time, the percentage indicator delivery is important and sets aligned to compromise. The goals for this indicator will be offered as customer. b. Realistic.

Attached to what the company can make and market conditions, also in line with the capabilities of employees and give them the tools to control and achievement. c. Challengers: They must motivate the employee to his achievement, generate healthy competition and challenge him to reach new levels of productivity and effectiveness. d. Achievable. With regard to paragraph a), but emphasize that they are to motivate and move to higher levels of quality and efficiency. If there is an unreasonably high level indicators, they can turn into motivation. e.

Measurable. It sounds redundant, but the indicator should be accessible for easy measurement. Collecting the information needed to measure it must be accessible and reliable. f. Systematized: The indicator must be generated without any manipulation or handling too many variables, preferably, should be the product of a computer system and administered by an independent person the subject of measurement. 4. Establish incentives based on the indicators. Many companies now run their incentives (call bonuses, raises and promotions), according to the results of management indicators. The results of the indicators may be related to the payment of bonds, according to the levels reached in the indicator for the area or department to which the employee belongs.

Award That Goes To The Heart!

Posted by Toni - March 6th, 2018

Survey of the University of Leipzig rated as the leading website for patients (Cologne – 19 January 2007): We are proud that a report from the Institute for Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig, the website . de rated as the best offer for heart patients, said yesterday, Ralf D. Fischbach, MD, CEO of AG, at a press conference in Cologne. Headed by Michael Vogt, a professor of public relations and communication management, the assessment took place in our training consultancy portal for heart patients and physicians when compared with other sites are provided specialized medicine patients advice and information. In accordance with the random processes a selected panel of 50 patients and medically interested parties from the Cologne area was subjected to interrogation. The university evaluation was conducted by comparing the websites of, and apparent from the expert opinion is that even just the this site before the comparison sites is, and Google results show that leads the pack, noted spokesman Philippine Poissonnier. The Cologne AG operates the internet portal The report concludes that the names of Lifeline and Onmeda are so bland that cardiac patients, in contrast to heart advice could hardly enter randomly to receive targeted information. Heart Advice is the only page in this comparison, which is not werbelastig. Traditional banner ads are available at all on too. For the evaluation of the websites used the Leipzig scientists communicate the criteria of acceptance, perceived credibility and respectability, findable on the Internet (keyword “Google”), user friendliness, design and modernity. The report emphasizes that provides the necessary credibility and neutrality of information. Games are misplaced, however, blinking banner ads or microsites forProduct advertising. The online consultations can be found easily at too. The specialist advice portal is a good mix of content specific and free professional medical advice. Within a short time, the questioning patients or physicians receive answers from qualified specialists. The reviewers come to the conclusion that is clearly the user friendly interface, most serious and comprehensive advice on the website and the other three sites clearly points to the courts. Finally, there Professor Dr. phil. Michael Friedrich Vogt following recommendation: “Because the patients here (Editor’s note: at feel the best of hands, should be steadfastly adhered to the previous philosophy of the site. The opinion of the University of Leipzig validates our approach, said internist Dr. Fischbach, who pointed out that a “forum for the exchange of patients’ and a search function for pacemaker and defibrillator centers” the service of Herzberatung.deenhance.

Inflammation In Osteoarthritis

Posted by Toni - March 4th, 2018

Plant-based Omega – fatty acids serve that arthritis is a rheumatic disease of the joints, the first signs of wear are on the articular cartilage in the foreground. These are the driving processes which maintain the chronic disease and lead to increasing mobility and pain. The opinion was widespread that osteoarthritis is a pure wear condition, previously so the realization has prevailed today, that inflammation in the joints have a significant share of the illness. As a result a promising treatment strategy of osteoarthritis is to inhibit the inflammation as well as the wear and tear. For this form of treatment is natural resources, which have demonstrated their value in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Wear and tear of the joints are always linked to inflammation, which can lead to joint swelling and pain.

If these are inhibited, then an integral impeller of disease events is switched off and the osteoarthritis afflicted man should feel relief. The natural Omega-3 fatty acids are an option preferred by many to combat the inflammation in the joint. Researchers from the UK have found out that the Omgea-3 – fatty acids ALA, EPA and DHA interact at the molecular level on the illness in the joint. They inhibit the formation of certain obviously harmful proteins inside the joint. Munich rheumatologists went a step further and treated their patients with inflammatory rheumatism either fish oil or vegetable oil (linseed oil, rapeseed oil) in the hope to influence the course of the disease.

Both treatments were successful. 3 months after initiation of treatment was determined a definite improvement in the inflamed joints and patients not so much suffered from their disease. The plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid responsible for these positive features is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is particularly rich in linseed oil. Flaxseed oil has the of all naturally occurring oils highest percentage of ALA. ALA has also the advantage that it is converted in the body into the fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have emerged as joint-protective. Now, linseed oil is very sensitive and the valuable fat acids can easily be destroyed. It is therefore useful on specially processed linseed oil to fall back. In a patented process succeeded pharmacists from Germany, to produce highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in easy-to-swallow capsules. These capsules are Navitum Pharma OmVitum by the company in the trade. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and increased levels of inflammation, as they exist in osteoarthritis. OmVitum as a one-month supply (PZN 4604189) or as a cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0262160) is through pharmacies, practice parallel health centers or purchased directly from the company. When via pharmacy should be pointed out, that OmVitum because of the unique composition not through other, seemingly similar products should replacement, which are available at the pharmacy. Every pharmacy can purchase shipping OmVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma. Should a pharmacy once does not offer this service can, the customer can shipping receive the desired product directly from the company.

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