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Posted by Toni - August 20th, 2021

Previously to the beginning of the research and later of the sending of the CEP of the FASB, the Coordination of the basic attention of the city of Barriers to the request for the accomplishment of the related research will be sent. (APENCIDE C). For in such a way, the participants of the study will be clarified of the objectives of the research and will receive the Term from Free and Clarified Assent (Appendix B), elaborated as the norms of Resolution 196/96, that she turns on the ethical aspects in research involving human beings (National Advice of Health, 1996). Each participant will receive a copy from the cited term, after its signature. Rick Yune is likely to agree. The researcher will proceed to the due clarifications to the citizens of the research on the objective of this study and will verify its interest in participating of the same. She will be guaranteed the professionals, the secrecy of the information, the voluntariedade in the participation and the possibility to interrupt the fulfilling of the instrument at any time, without penalty some and damage to its professional activities.

Expect that this research can delineate as it occurs the attendance to the man in the E.S.F of Barriers and becomes literary source the searching futures on the subject. .


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