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But the physical evolution, biological, anthropological belies this entropic principle. The disorder is present in the health of all things, Suns and planets, systems open or closed, inanimate or living beings. But it is no longer a disorder of degradation or disruption. It is a constitutional disorder that is part d the physis of all physical being. Is part of the agenda and organization, but is not neither one nor the other.

According to e. Morin, the tetralogico loop Orden-Desorden – interaction-organization, is at the beginning of the Physis, that emerges through the cosmological games, and that is the immanent principle of transformations, organizations and desorganizaciones missing to physics. In the origin and the foundation of being solar, is the loop, i.e. all retroactive, producer and organizer of Yes (e. Morin).

The idea of loop is a dynamic idea of circuit and rotation, as occurring in the relationship individuo-especie – society, or like beings living whose shape is a multithreaded that is organized from multiple and various loops. The idea of loop means that living and human beings gives a circular game and not simply linear, such as it happens in the movement of air, hormones, blood circulation, each of them regenerates another and contributes in the development of the body, all this thanks to the power of recursion of living beings. Cycles and physical, chemical and biological chains, as well as the processes of matter/energy, life/death, in its constant movement, constitute the great pluribucle which is the same ecoorganizacion. Why there is not just an evolution, but also ascribed and regressions, a wall is prepended between us and your most intimate background. Beyond all this known cosmos exists an unknown proto-cosmos that is hidden from our eyes, just occurs k human film, the more we study it, less know it. And it is because the problem of both is the same. And science in his arrogance has properly recognize Kabbalistic and religious truths. In the universe there is a double game: a progress in the Organization and in the order, associated at the same time to a continuous process of degradation and dispersion. For this reason, there is not only progress but also, regressions, ascribed, disasters.


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We pass good part of our life, mainly when our children grow and we retire in them, in asking: ' ' what I made or what I am? ' ' perhaps, today, for she is alone and to have more time for the things that for option I left it stops backwards, I see with clarity that affection and devotion of mother, walk together, and what it is real is that I have the sensation of my fulfilled duty, but, for them me it seems, that we were incomplete, we do not correspond its expectations well, they had not witnessed our fights, they had been saved! There, we perceive that they had grown, much more that we, today, must assisting in them in our difficulties, what for they seem unreal, therefore always we knew of everything, our weaknesses, our fragilities, will be always alone ours. To complete a real fact, our life changed all. We were six, today we are four, With all the difficulties that had been imposed in them, there enter the beliefs: destination, limitations, etc. It has l0 years, just day 20 of March of 2000, my husband needed to make a colonoscopia that it turned a surgery and, after a blood transfusion that if made necessary, this happened in day 28.03.00, this accurate moment it started to pass badly, what the nursing home nothing made stops helping in them, is a long history, has all the medical reports however you are welcome they are valid now, what I know, is that I continued deceived for l0 days, Until coming one another doctor that said the truth to me, there total panic and learning to deal with the hope, knowing inexistent! At no moment I questioned the doctor, I found and I continue finding that it gave to my husband and we all the possible attention, because Good doctors they even save lives, does not kill! it is good, continues being, was desumano, times later when everything it finished day l2.07.00 that, with my husband I, my mother and mine three children die a little.


Recover Love

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If you want to regain love, you should try some of these tips.Since every relationship is a world apart, some of these may not apply to your situation, however, make sure you use them all.If you don’t care to get your partner with caution and care, you can ruin your chances of recovering love. To regain love it doesn’t matter if your partner ended with you or if the decision to terminate your relationship was mutual, it is possible to think that the rupture was a mistake.It is not uncommon that regret having completed your relationship, and not uncommon to want to regain love.These feelings of wanting to regain love can occur shortly after a breakup or can occur several weeks or months later. Try these 7 ways to regain love: supports your fault in the breakup, as well as everything you did poorly during the relationship.Although even the most sincere apology is unlikely that help regain love, it is a good first step. Be polite when you see it.He speaks very well, while you can feel hurt and angry You must be above these feelings and understand their needs at this time.This will show you that you still care for her. Be a listener excellent Everytime she speaks with you.Leave her to speak and you don’t interrupt it.!Unless she asked your opinion, do not tell what to do or how they should act. Just as there are suggestions which you should try, there are also some things that you should definitely not do.Avoids making any of these: follow the things you see in the movies, send flowers and give them SERENADES in place of work are not things that insurance can bother her more, not attract it.

Do not go with other women if you want to regain love with your partner.This sends the message that the not strange and that you already left behind this relationship.Even if your careful you have, your ex will know that you’ve been seeing other women. You show not needed or emotionally desperate when you see or talk to your ex. This is not sexy at all. Think about what you did during the relationship that can having contributed to the rupture. It works to change these habits.For example, if you determine that your ex was probably concerned about your lack of goals in your career, you can maybe visit a career counselor and find a job in which you are interested. Your ex will see that you are working on changing those habits not liked and this will make you attractive to her. By following these tips, you should be able to regain love. Do you want to recover love and that your partner this returned with you? Enter here 100% effective original author and source of the article.