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Posted by Toni - November 20th, 2014

The study of human health has led to the development of various types of disciplines in order to keep people with a stable health. A work of vital importance is that dentists or dentists practising. The first sample of a dentist occurred in Egypt in the year 3000 BC when Hessie-re practiced the extraction of teeth to the Pharaohs who were afflicted by some mouth pain; they say Hessie-re was the first dentist of humanity. Dentists are people who chose dentistry as career, these professionals are responsible for maintaining oral health of people in optimum condition. Dentists may specialize in some specific oral areas, since the amount of parts and suffering that occur in these parts of our body made that this discipline is split, in order to offer a better deal and solution to patients. Some of the specific specialties of dentists are: preventive or general dentist: this dentist is usually responsible for simple oral problems such as tooth decay.

The specialty of this dentist is to offer the necessary advice to avoid buccopharyngeal problems in query, this practice is usually done in children, although it should be noted that adults also are covered by these warnings. Cosmetic dentist: this is responsible for providing solutions to the buccal aesthetic problems, some solutions such as tooth whitening and dental asymmetry correction are the most requested today. Esthetic dentistry is currently very practiced by models and actresses who go where this type of dentist in order to improve their oral appearance. Pediatric Dentist: specific pediatric dentist that responsible for the treatment of children; Since the treatment of these is important to dentistry, since part than correcting problems at early ages avoid the resurgence of these in adulthood. Orthodontist: this dentist is responsible for treatment and correction of anomalies of maxillofacial nature, especially with the use of appliances. At present this is possibly the most applied dentistry, put dental health and correction of oral problems has become an objective to solve. Dentist endodontist: this is the dentist responsible for dealing with problems in the nervous system and muscle of the mouth, usually this kind of dentists specializing in the treatment of elderly, since these usually have these disorders. Implantology dentist: the Implantologists specializes in the treatment of oral problems serious, through the implant dental prostheses; This discipline of dentistry is the most rigorous, because it is the process of oral surgery is very delicate.

It should be noted that this practice is one of the most common for the treatment of tooth decay. Although there are many disciplines developed by dentists, these are the most important to highlight, since they are the most commonly used and known currently. It is important to highlight that the visit where the dentist should be done minimally two times per year and cleaning at least once a year, in order to maintain good oral health. Original author and source of the article

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American Diabetes Association

Posted by Toni - November 13th, 2014

A type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy could disappear to give birth, but remains a significant threat to health future mother, which too often is overlooked. Approximately half of women who have gestational diabetes go to develop type 2 diabetes after the birth of their offspring. They may have happened months or even years. However, new research indicates that fewer than one in five of those women once again take an exploratory examination of diabetes within six months after giving birth. That is the first of the examinations to be taken regularly to prevent the return of diabetes. Research, the Quest Diagnostics Laboratory, says that, knowing it, many of those mothers could take steps to reduce the possibility of the recurrence of diabetes that can be accompanied by complications such as heart disease and kidney damage.

It is almost as if one opened a kind of window to the future, compared the Dr. Ann Albright, specialist in diabetes in the Centres for the Control and prevention of diseases of United States (CDC). This is a population that really should be focused for his intervention, he added. And more expectant mothers could swell their ranks. The American Diabetes Association recommends a change in the way to examine pregnant women to identify more mild cases that currently, on the basis of recent studies that found that even those mothers to treat facilitates childbirth.

If obstetricians adhere, it has the potential of doubling the diagnoses, although most mild cases only need better nutrition and exercise, and no medicines for diabetes, warns the Association. New estimates from the CDC indicate that nearly 26 million Americans suffer from some form of diabetes, mostly type 2 is associated with excess weight. Tens of millions more have enough sugar in the blood to be considered prediabeticos. Women can have type 2 or type 1, diabetes insulin dependent, at the time they become pregnant. These women urged to strictly control their diabetes to avoid a series of risks for them and their babies. However, according to the CDC, 2% to 10% of pregnant women develop diabetes for the first time during pregnancy, gestational type. Not met, the high levels of sugar in the blood can make the fetus to grow too large, requiring caesarean or preterm birth. You can also trigger a potentially deadly ailment called preeclampsia, which also increases the risk that the baby will become obese adult.