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Posted by Toni - June 27th, 2014

It is considered that he could not test are dismissed as discriminatory by the enterprise that it claimed to ignore that the employee was pregnant. Women ensures that the dismissal occurred when she reported her pregnancy. The Supreme Court (TS) has endorsed the provenance of the dismissal of a pregnant woman after the trial period, considering who not been able to prove is that the decision to terminate the agreement by the company, which claimed to ignore that the employee was pregnant was discriminatory. So the room has agreed it social the TS in a sentence, which has been rapporteur Maria Lourdes Arastey, and against which six judges have issued a particular dissenting vote, to understand that company should justify the dismissal and prove that its decision does not relate to pregnancy. In its appeal, the woman, Nuria S.O., ensured that the dismissal occurred when she reported her pregnancy, but company, Cobra installations and services, argued that at no time he knew it and who in those dates, August 4, 2009, not only He communicated the termination of the contract to her but another colleague who also overcame the two-month trial period. In rejecting the appeal, the Supreme Court argues, even if the company had known pregnancy, the fact that an identical to a male worker contract, extinct on the same date offered doubts about the dismissal of women was discriminatory. This is the same reasoning used in the judgment appealed, enacted on June 11, 2010 by the Chamber of the Social of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) and which in turn confirmed dictated in December 2009 by a Juzgado de lo Social. According to those judgments, the termination of the contract the worker pregnant only probation will be null when it is discriminatory and adds that, although accepting that the company knew the pregnancy, signs of injury would be destroyed by the fact that on the same date another employment contract of another male worker became extinct.

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Posted by Toni - June 26th, 2014

when questioned on its evaluation regarding the use of these terms in the relation with the patient. Stories in accordance with gotten, the psychologists evaluate to be basic the use of specific terms of the boarding that act in the relation with the patient, since that have a clarification of these terminologies with the same preventing confusion with the common sense. ' ' With certainty if it uses many characteristic lingusticos terms of the performance boarding, therefore these terms translate the concepts of this theory, and when working with the patient, you it needs to answer or to interpret the content brought for this through the referencial terico' ' (Psychoanalytic). ' ' Of basic importance, therefore some terminologies are impregnated of felt in the common sense, thus some words can pass a different position of that proposal for abordagem' ' (Humanist). ' ' I evaluate that many times when presenting, in the clinic, some terminology, is necessary to effect a conceptual or exactly metafrico clarification; in this way, one is gotten clearer, coesa and productive communication to the therapeutical process. Valley to detach that some terminologies lack, yes, of necessary clarifications, in special preventing interpretations next to the common sense, and unproductive to the advance clnico' ' (Comportamentalista). Each boarding possesss a specific terminology that characterizes the way to understand the human being and consequentemente the form to help it that differentiates each boarding, this variability of terms elapses of the historical process, that in accordance with Schultz; Schultz (2005), Psychology was submitted and received influence from other scientific areas. A general characterization of the main used terms in each boarding is based from this historical process. ven P Rosenthal Northland offer more in-depth analysis. The second category of analysis has as intention to describe a general characterization of the lingusticos terms of the main boardings. In the psicanaltica boarding the main lingusticos terms pointed by the psychologists of this boarding in the sample had been: mechanism of defense, unconscious, neurosis, desires, castration, repression, souvenirs of the past, and transference.


Mount Demerdzhi

Posted by Toni - June 23rd, 2014

When you go down to the Angarsk pass in Alushta, in one of the turns – especially the serene summer morning – opens in all its glory mountain peak, which many historians and tourists called the most beautiful in the Crimea. If Look at the mountain at a time when its cocoon rare cumulus clouds, it seems that rising above the clouds of smoke. Above the mountain and named – Funa, ie, "fuming". Later, the locals gave the mountain range a different name – Demerdzhi, which translates as "blacksmith." Here's how the legend of the Crimea is connected with the renaming: Nomads, who invaded the Crimea, staged on the mountain Funa forge. Day and night, black-bearded blacksmith forged the weapons to destroy the surrounding population. Flame, Funy bubbling on top, water sources dried up.

Withered orchards and vineyards. In order to save the once flourishing valley and his fellow villagers, the elders went up the hill. They asked strangers to leave Funu, but were thrown into the fire. Then, in the smithy stood local girl Maria. Persistent gray elders had it in his conversation with the owner of the mountain. However, he did not heed her request, furious courage of Mary, bearded killed her. Rose ancient mountain against this evil, split from top to bottom, and absorbed the infernal smithy, a blacksmith and his henchmen turned into stone statues. Next to them the next morning, people found Mary.

She sat, too stone, but less e beautiful, than during his lifetime, his eyes fixed on the revival of the valley. The legend is generated by the bizarre stone pillars, pyramids, towers and ledges on the southern slopes of Mount Demerdzhi. This is a natural accumulation of rock carvings called Valley of Ghosts. It was formed as a result of centuries of weathering conglomerates – rocks that are stacked Demerdzhi. Their geological age, 160 million years.

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Poetry Collection

Posted by Toni - June 23rd, 2014

Pro memoria Pro memoria (Latin) – in memory of whom (the) – either. ELEGY wife and a friend from various years. 1 And that's all I can, in addition to the barbaric gray hair. Another may help you walk through the old winters. You pay for my sins Store in a dark dungeon, and there formed a belief on the fact that we are not so bad. And that's all I have, in addition to the old ring to the steps to the crown of girlhood, to the – what I do not regret it.

Unfairly fast the herd, and violent change of colors on the faces of podustavshik masks. Oh, and varmint, varmint what! But you have to accept that too. As the breast of the mother-child obediently head of the slope. Another melody sounds and songs not yet sung. 2 In vain do not think that today we can – and suddenly wake up early again … Dressed in a gray day – not difficult, Weekdays satiety ridiculous saturate.

You robe from his youth an example. As of dreams for us come out to the show. In the anniversary day of wandering and achievements, thousands of repetitions of lunar phases. In this world, everything is unique. Again like the first spring again passed Something had passed, perhaps, the past, what is not searched, but found it. Today, we're counting: Half – I, and half – you. And while hover in one flight, a pity that – until then – alas … You have very grave goods in the neck, shield in hand from the cold and storms.

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