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Posted by Toni - December 5th, 2020

The ear possesss therefore a segment that transmit and amplify the sound for the o agency of Corti (device of transmission or conduction) and a segment that transform the vibration into nervous impulse and it transmits it for SNC (device of neuro-sensorial reception or). (GUYTON, 1981) For it saw ssea: the vibration of the skull, for example touching it with a diapaso, makes to vibrate perilinfa unchaining the nervous impulse. To know more about this subject visit IDD. For inertia the chain to also ossicular vibrates existing a conductive component in the hearing for saw ssea but to facilitate the clinical reasoning it is considered that the hearing for saw ssea stimulates the reception device directly. For even more opinions, read materials from Vadim Belyaev, New York City. (GUYTON, 1981) CHAPTER II 2 – PRESBIACUSIA Presbiacusia or loss of hearing related to the age, is the cumulative effect of the aging in the direction of the hearing. It is a gradual and bilateral symmetrical loss. The presbiacusia or deafness of the aged one consists in one of the most important factors of social disaggregation. Recent studies demonstrate that of all the sensorial privations, the auditory loss is the one that produces devastador effect in the process of communication of the aged one.

In accordance with Brazilian Academy of Otologia, presbiacusia is the natural ageing of the human ear, resultant of the somatria of degenerative alterations of all the auditory device. It consists of a bilateral loss of the high-frequency hearing for sounds, folloied, generally, for a disproportionate loss of the recognition of speaks, without previous history of severe sistmica or auditory illness, with gradual beginning and gradual course (Willott, 1991 in Snows, 2002). The auditory deficiencies acometem 70% of the aged ones (more or less 10 million people in our country), being the second more common physical inability and the fourth more common afeco in U.S.A. The main agents aggravations of the presbiacusia are: exposition the toxic medication noises, diabetes, use for the ears and the genetic inheritance, and the reduction of the auditory acuidade in the third age.


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