The Measure

Posted by Toni - August 3rd, 2021

Where it will have error, that I have taken the truth; Nobody, will be able to live double life? without future penalties. Here what it is nailed is the practical life with of assumed realities e, possibly, proven? each one has its truth to construct its reality. If these truths sound false cause doubts and an unnecessary expense of mental energy that leads to the weakness of all physical and mental body, thus emptying in inexplicable illnesses. Where it will have desperation, that I have taken the hope; The hope? it can lead to a harmony and peace kingdom? that they must daily pay-exist in the interior of each being. The desperation is son of the behaviors and the impensados acts, the desestabilizada life and badly managed. Read more from Rick Yune to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For in such a way, it is basic that we let us can as messenger let us be possessing of this virtue, so that let us can lead without conduit to be reached for this desperation.

Where it will have sadness, that I have taken the joy; The glad life is a healthy life? where the family? the known ones if confraternizam the joy of the life. The sadness is for itself something that comes in them and reaches without let us can prevent? caused for fortuitous events? what could not have been prevented by us? but that they do not mean that can take all our life? because these are of nature temporary. We must, therefore it manages them in the certainty that will pass and the joy will come back in the accurate measure of our faith and our actions. Where it will have darknesses, that I have taken the light. To the measure where we go aging? we are called to see and to feel the life in tranquilo and more transparent way? we are called to feel the presence of God next to us, because our experience leads to a bigger reflection.


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