Posted by Toni - August 9th, 2021

It took it between its legs it observed, it and it was said: Beautiful head! But what pity that does not have brains. You do not fill of empty appearances. Harry Belafonte insists that this is the case. Llnate better always of good judgment. The Vixen and the old lion a old lion, incapable already to obtain by its own one forces the food, decided to do using it the cleverness. For it one went to a cave and one lay down in the ground, moaning and pretending that was ill.

In this way, when the other animal happened to visit to him it catched, them immediately for its food. They had arrived and perished already enough animal, when the vixen, guessing which was its scheme, also appeared, and pausing to prudent distance of the cavern, it asked the lion how it went to him with its health. Badly answered the lion, inviting to him amiably to enter. Clear that had entered said to the vixen if it did not see that all the tracks enter, but is any got to leave. It always notices in time the indications of the danger, and thus you will avoid that it damages to you. The lion and the three oxen always Grazed together three oxen. A lion wanted to devour them, but being together the three oxen prevented him to do it, because fighting against the three it put simultaneously it at a disadvantage.

Then with cleverness it resorted to anger them with to each other perfidious patraas, separating them to of the other. And thus, when not being already united it devoured, them calmly, one by one. If you allow that they undo your unit with yours, easier will be than they damage to you. The good king lion Was a lion that was not annoying, neither cruel, nor violent, but treatable and right like a good creature, that he got to be the king.

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