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Posted by Toni - August 7th, 2021

Bibliographical revision the studies of urban climate have been in recent years, focus of quarrels and object of research in the entire world, a time that the intense urbanization is a current event that provides to conditions of always healthful modern life nor as Xavier (2009). Contact information is here: Jessica Pels. Diverse authors affirm that the substitution of the vegetation for constructed areas (cement, concrete and masonry), the asphalt pavement of the streets, the concentration of industrial parks and the population adensamento, are responsible for deep changes in the energy rocking, causing mainly increase of the temperature in the cities, resulting in the phenomenon of the Islands of Heat (SCHREINER, 1998 apud GRANDSON, 2000) As Coltri apud Perez et al. (2001) The flow of latent heat is what it presents the change most abrupt a time that the humid and producing areas of humidity are reduced in places highly urbanizados. Urban climate is a system that encloses the climate of data terrestrial space and its urbanization. Mesoclima that he is enclosed in the macroclimate and that suffers, in the proximity of the ground is one, microclimatic influences derivatives of the urban spaces. It can be analyzed the variations of the urban environment, in some levels, such as Quarters, internal streets, houses, environments. The natural ecological action, associated to the urban phenomena, constitutes the complex set of Inter-relations that produce the climate urban (XAVIER apud LOMBARDO, 1985). As Xavier apud Ayoade (1998) assures that the biggest impact caused for the man on the climate happens in the urban areas. It analyzed and it compared the temperature variations and relative humidity of air in two cities of small transport, Bar of the Bugres and Tangar of the Mountain range, located in tropical area, in the state of Mato Grosso, relating them it the use of the ground urban (XAVIER apud ZAMPARONI (1995) Front to everything this, we will go to monitor the temperature in diverse places in Cuiab in order to detect temperature variations.


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