Posted by Toni - December 29th, 2021

Advanced protruding veins … Who of us at least once have not seen this on other people's feet? Some of us are aware of these symptoms on their own experience. Blackstone Group is a great source of information. And no wonder: almost every fourth inhabitant of our planet has signs of chronic venous insufficiency. Spread of the disease contributes to the presence of very large high-risk groups: a large proportion of the population is experiencing additional stress, which leads to first appearance of vascular unobtrusive mesh (or so-called "stars"), then – enlarged veins, and then varices. The disease develops gradually, almost imperceptibly.

The appearance of external features lesions in the veins says that varicose veins gone far enough, and people certainly want to consult a specialist profile. Let's look at who has most likely the signs of chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Risk groups traditionally refer people who: Have to long to stand up or sit without moving (occupational hazard), travels a lot (especially in aircraft or bus) pregnant and giving birth women (during pregnancy significantly weakened vascular wall of veins of the lower limbs), age 45 years (age-wall veins lose their elastic properties) Given that the manifestations Diseases of veins occur at a relatively late stage of development of varicose veins, vein care about the state need long before overt symptoms seem under the skin of the feet. You can talk about specific and nonspecific prevention of varicose veins. Under the nonspecific prophylaxis often understand a set of measures aimed at reducing the impact of adverse external and internal factors on venous device lower limbs and body as a whole. The correct way of life, reducing the load on the veins, a correct diet and drink enough to maintain physical activity has long been seen as key ways to prevent not only the varicose veins, and many other diseases. Specific prevention of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency can be considered as receiving special preparations (venotoniki and Angioprotectors), and as wearing medical compression hosiery.

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Medical Technology

Posted by Toni - December 10th, 2021

Platelets are responsible not only for blood clotting, that has long been known. 15 years ago, it became clear that platelets are also responsible for the successful regeneration of tissues, as the so-called "signaling" cells. That is, if we are injuring, scratch quickly prolonged clot blood, which becomes a natural bandage for the wound and helps restore damaged skin. This is due to the ability of platelets to produce prothrombin, which helps tissue regeneration. Activated, awakened their own stem cells, and the skin begins to update the inside. Everything related to stem cells, causes justified fears: first, the effects of playing with the stem cells unknown, and secondly, methods of administration to a human stem cells, are illegal and are pursued throughout the world. Further details can be found at National Foundation for Cancer Research, an internet resource. Everything you've heard about stem cells – blasphemy.

In Europe today, just being the development and clinical study. They spend billions of dollars, and dealing with the issue luminaries of world medicine. In Russia, this is impossible: no funds to support this level of laboratory and specialists, but "on the knee" develop biotechnology unrealistic. In the next ten or twenty years of research into stem cells will continue. Check out MJFF for additional information. Therefore, all those "doctors", who already offer gullible citizens' magic injection of youth "- charlatans.

Introduced, they are usually vitamins or simply saline, and hope for the placebo effect: when the patient believes in a miracle, it happens. If people inject drugs are present Stem cells – is a crime. Material for such manipulations is taken from nowhere, often abortive material, and the consequences can be dire and unpredictable.

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VLS And Stevia

Posted by Toni - August 14th, 2021

VLS are necessary for normal functioning of liver, kidney, nervous tissue of the brain. History miracle herb stevia homeland – Paraguay. Indigenous peoples of South America use this herb over a thousand years. Translated from the Mayan language, stevia, honey. According to legend, Native American, Stevia – a girl's name, for which the fate of her people was more expensive than its own. As a reward, the gods gave her the herb of happiness, health, the eternal beauty. To date, 90% consumed in the world of Stevia accounts for Japan. A Japanese centenarians known.

And if you go back to the top of the article and look at the number of obese people in different countries, you will see that in this series in Japan is the lowest. But not only Japan interested in this miracle grass. In the USSR, stevia has delivered Academician Nikolai Vavilov, he pointed out a long list of positive attributes, but singled out the main thing – braking the aging process. In America in the late XX century, the Pentagon had been introduced program to introduce stevia as a sweetener and a source of VLS in the diet of the American army. Extracts of juices of fruits and berries put in gorgeous natural laktaviyu as a source of vitamins. None of artificially synthesized an analog of vitamin does not compare with natural sources.

Laktaviya with cranberry and chokeberry displays the body of toxins, strengthens blood vessel walls, enhances mental and physical performance. Laktaviya with blueberries and Aaron improves digestion, inhibits the aging of the brain, improves cerebral blood flow. Laktaviya with buckthorn and Carrot relieves a symptom of "tired eyes" and improves vision. Particular attention in the aspect of the problem of excess weight you want to give some constituents. Leading the berries in a marathon of all the harmony of Aronia berries contain the highest amount of iodine – 40 mg%.

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Natural Health Restoration

Posted by Toni - May 1st, 2017

This article will talk a little about the most effective and natural way to restore health – Therapeutic fasting. The Internet is now a lot of information on this subject, but its study is becoming clear that Most of the articles are written by people who never themselves do not take the course of starvation. In this case the main issue is that their incorrect information is often perceived by many as a reliable and it is used for training and Course of fasting. And when, after such a “course of conduct” are having some problems, many blamed it on the shortcomings of the method. And, most importantly, many having lost her faith after it cease to apply it and what is more, all around tell and write in the forums that fasting is harmful. But it is not so! The experience of fasting the author of this article – since 2004. Starting with a detailed study of various methods of fasting, different schools, author went on to practical courses in 2005. The practice began with small-time – days a week, then three, then seven, fourteen, etc.

In 2008, combining fasting during Lent, the author spent 35 days on a single pure water. No other types of liquids, as well as vitamins, supplements, extracts, etc. were not used. Categorically. After emerging from this period – as a born again. Just not feeling passed. The overall result – after he started engage in fasting: forgot what the clinics, doctors and pharmacies.

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