Massage Neck And Cervical Spine

Posted by Toni - June 17th, 2018

One of the earliest and most important facilities for massage, in spite of its small size, is the neck. Status of the neck muscles not only affects the blood supply to the brain, but also on the quality of the dialogue that occurs between our subconscious and internal organs. For more information see this site: Dean Ornish M.D. Chinese spot and vacuum massage can loosen up the muscle blocks are formed and restore blood circulation and nerve impulses. Imagine a government State organs and lines extending from the cabinet to the very first communication node connection and you will see a picture that represents the neck, cervical spine and cervical ganglion. Any deviation from the normal state – low back pain, vertebral displacement, increased tone (tension) in the muscles of the neck – will lead to the fact that the nerve fibers in this department will pinch and break the conduction of nerve pulses. As in the case of government, and in the overall functionality of the body, the violation of the dialog management systems in the periphery will lead to significant disruption in the harmonious interaction of all systems.

In plain example, I want to show how complex processes are occurring in spite of our consciousness during the reception and initial digestion of food. Suppose a person begins to eat. When food enters the mouth, the receptors are determined its composition and texture, and transmit data to the central nervous system, salivary glands from which transferred command to the flow of saliva. In the process of mastication is determined that the food enters the body – of vegetable or animal origin.

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Natural Health Restoration

Posted by Toni - May 1st, 2017

This article will talk a little about the most effective and natural way to restore health – Therapeutic fasting. The Internet is now a lot of information on this subject, but its study is becoming clear that Most of the articles are written by people who never themselves do not take the course of starvation. In this case the main issue is that their incorrect information is often perceived by many as a reliable and it is used for training and Course of fasting. And when, after such a “course of conduct” are having some problems, many blamed it on the shortcomings of the method. And, most importantly, many having lost her faith after it cease to apply it and what is more, all around tell and write in the forums that fasting is harmful. But it is not so! The experience of fasting the author of this article – since 2004. Starting with a detailed study of various methods of fasting, different schools, author went on to practical courses in 2005. The practice began with small-time – days a week, then three, then seven, fourteen, etc.

In 2008, combining fasting during Lent, the author spent 35 days on a single pure water. No other types of liquids, as well as vitamins, supplements, extracts, etc. were not used. Categorically. After emerging from this period – as a born again. Just not feeling passed. The overall result – after he started engage in fasting: forgot what the clinics, doctors and pharmacies.

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Period Risk

Posted by Toni - March 20th, 2017

1) The lack of “sufficient objectivity.” Explanation: a “virtual objectivity” always has and will have some information of clinical and diagnostic deficit in respect of the individual patient (reduction of “Actually existing set of features” in the provision – transfer – information in a virtual environment), lack of information always leads to an increase in volume terms (concepts) that can handle him (them) in “Information environment”, which is related to general medical problems, but no it does not allow to solve clinical problems in an individual patient. Professor Roy Taylor often says this. The lack of impartiality in the solution available clinical problems in an individual patient – always a risk for him (or rather at much greater risk than the potential risk due to an error “non-virtual doctor”). (2) “recommendatory activities’ participants. Explanation: Forum medical subjects should only be expository in nature, helping patients to understand and correctly apply the recommendations and assignments that they were given a reception at the “non-virtual doctor”, a forum (or topic Forum), in which participants move this grant (ie, explanation / advice in the direction of the recommendations) contradicts the basic principle of healing – “do no harm”, which can not be guaranteed in the virtual recommendatory communication. Recommendation, this patsentu without inspection – is always a risk for him (or rather much more risk than the potential risk due to an error “non-virtual doctor”). (3) The availability of “negative information”. Explanation: The majority of patients (patients) to adequately use the Internet, read the forums in which patients share their impressions, fears, rumors, which in turn has a negative impact on impressionable, emotionally labile patients. It is natural that the patient should be informed about all the negative manifestations of their original disease (including the prognosis of the disease to health, life and professional activities). But this procedure (information) should be carried out within the framework of interaction between ‘non-virtual doctor – patient “(during the” kuratsionnogo Period “). Incorrect awareness patient – always a risk for him (or rather at much greater risk than the potential risk due to an error “non-virtual doctor”).

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