VLS And Stevia

Posted by Toni - August 14th, 2021

VLS are necessary for normal functioning of liver, kidney, nervous tissue of the brain. History miracle herb stevia homeland – Paraguay. Indigenous peoples of South America use this herb over a thousand years. Translated from the Mayan language, stevia, honey. According to legend, Native American, Stevia – a girl's name, for which the fate of her people was more expensive than its own. As a reward, the gods gave her the herb of happiness, health, the eternal beauty. To date, 90% consumed in the world of Stevia accounts for Japan. A Japanese centenarians known.

And if you go back to the top of the article and look at the number of obese people in different countries, you will see that in this series in Japan is the lowest. But not only Japan interested in this miracle grass. In the USSR, stevia has delivered Academician Nikolai Vavilov, he pointed out a long list of positive attributes, but singled out the main thing – braking the aging process. In America in the late XX century, the Pentagon had been introduced program to introduce stevia as a sweetener and a source of VLS in the diet of the American army. Extracts of juices of fruits and berries put in gorgeous natural laktaviyu as a source of vitamins. None of artificially synthesized an analog of vitamin does not compare with natural sources.

Laktaviya with cranberry and chokeberry displays the body of toxins, strengthens blood vessel walls, enhances mental and physical performance. Laktaviya with blueberries and Aaron improves digestion, inhibits the aging of the brain, improves cerebral blood flow. Laktaviya with buckthorn and Carrot relieves a symptom of "tired eyes" and improves vision. Particular attention in the aspect of the problem of excess weight you want to give some constituents. Leading the berries in a marathon of all the harmony of Aronia berries contain the highest amount of iodine – 40 mg%.

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