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Posted by Toni - October 27th, 2023

Whether they are large or small, are worn over the shoulder or at the short straps store in their hands: women’s handbags for men are still a big mystery. In there is finally a whole world to which they have no access. A handbag is, in the physical, that is much closer to the black hole than any other everyday object beyond Betelgeuse. Because it takes like a real living being on permanently, but in return are not always willing to let things even back to the surface. But it also has positive aspects. So it can to meet again after years of lost keys come with long believed (possibly, however, was changed in the meantime, the handing of), missing notes appear again (whose execution is not quite so urgent, however, appear) and pictures of people whose name just a no longer be on the tongue. Whoever is lucky enough to witness may additionally very much about the wearer of the bag .

Learning If you lay the found object back into the primordial soup, or is it out there in the light? A very different Queen Elizabeth benefit does the wearing of a handbag, it gives the security staff so that encrypted instructions. So when you talk with her and her bag from the left while the right arm moves, the Queen of the conversation bored and asked for leave. Make sure the next time out. The handbag is indeed a waste product of the ever-striving to stimuli lingerie of the 18th Century. Because ruined by this time in the clothes sewn pockets the visual impression but many a time, it came to outsourcing of interest to the world of women accessories. What was originally designed as a receptacle for maybe a bottle of smelling salts, can now take in case of need a laptop, or the files to the tax return. The bag was brought in only incidentally in the 30ger of the last century on the market.

Since then, the ladies have their hands free when shopping, what from an economic certainly caused a quantum leap. Have the men oppose the something that baggy suit pockets apart? The classic men’s purse, with wrist strap, especially important as a distinguishing feature of metro inspectors is hardly seen on the streets. Its decline is based on the triumph of the backpack. This helps maintain the image of the country lad, and still there are all the toys that a man needs time now to be carried easily. There are already pockets with interior lights were seen, and probably know someone is to develop a navigation system for shoulder bag. One should not forget that this paper that wins more order, the recoveries surprise bombshell loses long lost forgotten forms subjects but. Honestly ladies, is it worth it? Perhaps we should just make the possession a protected species habitats, the world being neatly enough.


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