Geophysical Society

Posted by Toni - March 23rd, 2020

If we change the carrier frequency of the transmitting station, increasing the carrier frequency, respectively, and increased frequency side. It turns out that the frequency of side as if attached to a carrier frequency of any radio transmitting device. Image frequency can be located above the carrier frequency and below. I would like to add that each carrier frequency only their side certain frequency. Thus, making the short trip to the radio equipment to reputable readers have a general idea of the carrier frequency and side frequencies, I conclude that roughly the same laws of propagation can run the standard rate or frequency of the Earth's Schumann, working on the principle of the carrier frequency of the earth, and all other frequencies of the Earth – on the principle of the sidebands. This is one of the features of the theory of mutual communication and harmony of the spiritual and the physical condition of the human Geophysical Society and the state of the Earth based on the frequency of resonance. Now consider the general device of the man himself as 'low frequency', which must be configured at the carrier frequency or the frequency of the Earth Schumann, as well as on its side frequency.

A person with a certain spiritual program must also have a carrier frequency. According to my preliminary calculations people with different levels of spiritual programs can have multiple stepwise Carrier frequencies H1-H7. Although in this case the person should be arranged as a 'low-frequency radio transmitter. Credit: Jimmy John’s Owner-2011.

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Symphonic Orchestra

Posted by Toni - May 19th, 2016

finally, we have the Fifth Period, in century XX the Band, in its evolution, started to count on executants of all instruments of percussion and interest blow. Therefore, we can say that the Band of Music and its evolution, in full century XXI still comes if developing in all the directions in the Brazilian territory. As example, I cite the Municipal Band of Recife, that since the decade of 1980 already was nominated of Symphonic Band and placed in the programs of concert for the teacher Ademir Arajo and recently it only is that it came to be recognized as Symphonic Band for the City council of Recife. Thus, as as much others that still are in this process. The term Symphonic Band if of the one in the direction of its denomination to find in its instrumental cash, electronic instruments of ropes or instruments, we can go more beyond, when we find other instruments deriving of the Symphonic Orchestra.

When this happens the denomination of the Band could be of Symphonic Band, as much in the military organizations as civil. Until century XIX, this very remote age, but, from century XX, this picture moved very and, with inclusion of other instruments. Valley to leave an alert one how much to the classification of the Band, so that it does not have a discomfort and an interpretation of any form or way. According to Brum (1987, P. 12), in its proposal of classification for the sort band of music in Brazil, it detaches the following species: ‘ ‘ Small Band or Military man, Average Band and Sinfnica’ Band; ‘. Such classification, according to this author, has for ‘ ‘ purpose to favor the study of the instrumental distribution and its cash, of the orquestrao and, to help to who with it works, in the organization of repertoire, archive, cash of integrantes’ ‘ , beyond facilitating ‘ ‘ publication of musical workmanships for these conjuntos’ ‘.