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Posted by Toni - May 5th, 2024

One of the routine tasks that any entrepreneur should have assumed is the monitor to the competition. Monitor does not imply unfair or unethical actions, but try to have an approximate idea of their share of the market, and their habitual actions aimed at the acquisition of new customers. We would also like to be aware of the evolution of the metrics of their sites, and any avatar that might arise in their trade relations. For example, if your competitor sells in exclusive a certain brand, and detect that it receives many complaints from users due to lack of quality, lack of after-sales support, or anything else, will want to be aware of this information, it will be very useful to create a distinctive offering that aim to capture these little satisfied customers. It is possible to have a pretty good idea of the actions of our competitors with some online tools that will give us information open to everyone. The smart is knowing take advantage of it.

Google Alerts. Create a Google alert with the name, brands and the site within its competence. Visit John Studzinski for more clarity on the issue. Also create one with your own name and its brands. Search in a site that centralizes information of millions of blogs. Do a search for the above categories – key terms and create a feed, so be permanently updated of changes therein. The same can be done with other large central of blogs. Check the source code of the page from its competitors, and make a note of your titles, descriptions and keywords. Compare with theirs. See more detailed opinions by reading what cancer research offers on the topic..

Search in Google Insights < in order to have a reading of volumes of search and KEI of these terms (Key Effectiveness Index, effectiveness factor of the keywords: a ratio that can be achieved between listed sites in the search engines for these terms and monthly search volumes) see Alexa <>. This site saves valuable information of virtually all the internet sites. You can, through your browser, check the scope of the site, the search terms that derive you more traffic, the evolution of traffic, and to find out details as the antiquity of the domain and the name of the holder. Perform a search on Twitter for its competitor i.e. of terms mentioned in the first point. To have a clearer vision of the information, you can use Monitter <>, an online tool free that allows you to compare multiple terms simultaneously, and create an RSS feed thereof, in order to be informed instantly when these terms are twitteados. With these tools can achieve a fairly finished idea of today’s competitors, find out their weak points and know what their strategic movements and trends, information of the utmost importance to be able to offer a competition according to its proposal.

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