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Posted by Toni - February 26th, 2018

Tomas jaw of your patient with the tips of your fingers, first one side and then the other, always below the jaw. Petrizaje on neck and shoulders, percussion with the tips of your fingers and as final stimulus nervous. Always seen watching as they are the movements and asking your patient how it feels. If something were to hurt the movements get softer or with massage. It is very important to keep in mind always. Already we were by our patient that such neck if we now continue down the head and scalp: get movements in a circle behind the ears. With the tips of your fingers you masajeas from the cheeks to the tip of the nose.

Fingers separated in the front. In circles around the eyes and the eyebrows also. In the area of the eyes and mouth you masajeas in the form of or. Low around the ears and finish behind them. It massages your eyelids and the eye region with the fingertips. On the lips also get massages, is made in the form of o also. Nervous stimulus (fingers on the skin friction) percussion and pressure (smooth with finger tip) on the scalp get general friction, friction with the Palm of your hands. Combing the hair of the patient and gently detach it to make the stimulus nervous.

Let’s continue with the region of the abdomen: begins on the right side of your patient. It begins with circular movements with the Palm of the hand. It continues the pubis below the ribs. Kneading of liver edge (below the right ribs). Edge splenic (under the left ribs). Below the navel and left, just below the. Begins with the movement of vibration below the navel and right side, get pressure, rotation and vibration do it as following a counterclockwise several turns until you reach the blind spot. Start on the right side below the navel and you culminas on the left side. Nervous stimulus, and percussion. Get massages in the area of the legs and buttocks: massages all your patient’s leg. You heat up the pacienta leg movements doing by hand in the form of c, you have to grab all the thigh and then the leg. It massages the upper part of the foot of the patient with the Palm of both hands. Fingers rotation and vibration. Continues to give a good foot massage to your patient: the sole of the foot massages in general. Petrizaje on the back of the foot and ankle. USC usually is spot on. It is flexing the leg and kneads the front and then the rear. Petrizaje of the limb. Petrizaje in the knee. Nervous stimulus, and percussion. Copado palmar with the open hand. We are ending this massage so relaxing with a good massage in the patient’s back: both hands are placed on the back, the fingers look, down to the area of the buttocks and then flip the hands, putting together the arms of the masseuse and rises again with fingers massaged the ribs of the patient. You come back down, repeating it three times. Kneading in c taking the patient’s skin the more broad as possible. Elfuraje. It was softer following ribs and then follow the spine. With the tip of your fingers, pinch and then performs the movement of vibration. Massage on Trapeze with the yolk of thumbs in circles. General kneading. Percussion with fingers and cornered. Nervous stimulus. I hope you liked this article and can put it in practice good massage!


United States Federal Reserve

Posted by Toni - May 16th, 2017

So happened to Bolivia, which privatized water access and left with the only option of resorting to illegal outlets of water and millions of families without being able to pay the fees of the multinational. If the crisis forced the bankruptcy of companies that manage basic services in those countries, would have to be Governments that do charge of itself have problems with tax collection, devaluations and, in some cases, major problems with organized crime. Among the measures to be taken at the upcoming G20 Summit must be the protection of the Latin American middle class, which represents a third of the population total in the region, creator of 95% of the companies and currently generate 160 million jobs, according to the data provided by the Argentine analyst Bernardo Kliksberg. The access to the health, labor, education and pensions lie in the social dynamism and the educational level of the middle class. Without adequate protection, many people could cross the threshold that separates them from poverty in a region increasingly impoverished. If the big banks of the world have been able to bail out entities responsible for the crisis, they will have to listen to proposals with greater legitimacy and ethical basis. The United States Federal Reserve and the central banks of Brazil, Mexico, Korea and Singapore have reached an agreement to provide liquidity to their markets. To ensure access to health, education and pensions, you could create a Latin American Fund with support from the large economies.

This would result in new jobs and better trained young generation to not be exposed to the spectre of poverty and crime as an alternative. The world should give the floor to the Latin American middle class. Carlos a..


Pro Natura

Posted by Toni - July 26th, 2013

Our body skin is generally exposed to multiple assaults which may lead to their premature aging, but the face, neck, decollete and hands are the areas which are most affected since they are unprotected, regularly throughout the year. Indiscriminate exposure to the Sun, without adequate protection, is one of the circumstances that most accelerate the aging process. But there are other factors that contribute to premature skin deterioration, as in the case of cigarette smoking and exposure to environmental pollution. These two, along with excessive exposure to the Sun, cause the formation of free radicals and therefore alterations in the DNA of cells, producing wrinkles, dehydration, flaccidity and spots. Free radicals affect on the collagen fibers and elastic fibers decreasing in quantity and quality, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and the famous grooves called furrows. These wrinkles and furrows are seen in-depth in areas of greatest gesticulation (hiper-expresion lines) and while they are a consequence of the natural emotional expression of the individual, are marked by the imprint of the emotions and more frequent and more intense in the face, giving him that married, dislocated and sloppy appearance. Damage that we infringimos our skin are cumulative and many of them begin at an early age, becoming only evident around the fourth decade of life. The first signs are tired and curled skin appearance, and the increase of expression lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

The appearance of these represents a cry for help from our skin, which demand then a specialized and timely assistance by a doctor. Otherwise, the process of premature aging or skin senility could become something irreversible, then requiring more aggressive measures for correction, as it is the case of plastic surgery. Aesthetic medicine seeks to compensate and counteract anti-nature elements present in the contemporary lifestyle and that accelerate aging, counting within its therapeutic resources with BOTOX, among others we can say that a solution is non-invasive, designed to restore freshness to the face without altering the facial features. This allows you to restore a natural and healthy, picture of an effective, safe and affordable way.So, while the aging (senescence) is a natural process, (senility) is not aging prematurely. In the latter case, aesthetic compensation measures, may lead back the clock of our personal appearance. It is here where the aesthetic medicine comes in our help with the application of BOTOX with a Pro Natura nature inasmuch as it helps to care for and protect the face of a deliberate way, to promote the fullness of the physical experience. Take care and keep the image that nature gave us is a fabulous way to enjoy our relationships with ourselves and with others. If you want more information on this topic can communicate on our phones: 912 755 014 and 663 863 678, or write to our e-mail:, where we will gladly attend you.

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