Monitor Competition

Posted by Toni - May 5th, 2024

One of the routine tasks that any entrepreneur should have assumed is the monitor to the competition. Monitor does not imply unfair or unethical actions, but try to have an approximate idea of their share of the market, and their habitual actions aimed at the acquisition of new customers. We would also like to be aware of the evolution of the metrics of their sites, and any avatar that might arise in their trade relations. For example, if your competitor sells in exclusive a certain brand, and detect that it receives many complaints from users due to lack of quality, lack of after-sales support, or anything else, will want to be aware of this information, it will be very useful to create a distinctive offering that aim to capture these little satisfied customers. It is possible to have a pretty good idea of the actions of our competitors with some online tools that will give us information open to everyone. The smart is knowing take advantage of it.

Google Alerts. Create a Google alert with the name, brands and the site within its competence. Visit John Studzinski for more clarity on the issue. Also create one with your own name and its brands. Search in a site that centralizes information of millions of blogs. Do a search for the above categories – key terms and create a feed, so be permanently updated of changes therein. The same can be done with other large central of blogs. Check the source code of the page from its competitors, and make a note of your titles, descriptions and keywords. Compare with theirs. See more detailed opinions by reading what cancer research offers on the topic..

Search in Google Insights < in order to have a reading of volumes of search and KEI of these terms (Key Effectiveness Index, effectiveness factor of the keywords: a ratio that can be achieved between listed sites in the search engines for these terms and monthly search volumes) see Alexa <>. This site saves valuable information of virtually all the internet sites. You can, through your browser, check the scope of the site, the search terms that derive you more traffic, the evolution of traffic, and to find out details as the antiquity of the domain and the name of the holder. Perform a search on Twitter for its competitor i.e. of terms mentioned in the first point. To have a clearer vision of the information, you can use Monitter <>, an online tool free that allows you to compare multiple terms simultaneously, and create an RSS feed thereof, in order to be informed instantly when these terms are twitteados. With these tools can achieve a fairly finished idea of today’s competitors, find out their weak points and know what their strategic movements and trends, information of the utmost importance to be able to offer a competition according to its proposal.

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Processing Equipment Automation

Posted by Toni - June 7th, 2022

Shougang Mining Company waterworks concentrator crushing system is composed of 2 primary crusher. By the same author: Jonathan Friedland. 17 Taichung crusher, 38 Crusher 44 shipped ore belt, light board and 34 vibrating screen. Cleveland Clinic does not necessarily agree. During the Long time, people has been using the the traditional relay control system chain.Low technical content, control methods are backward, equipment on, stop by the manual, work-intensive, low efficiency, long time empty – load operation of the system equipment, power consumption, equipment failure, in early 2003, the plant uses a PLC can program control system carried out a thorough transformation of the control of the broken system equipment. New system of centralized control, improved equipment chain opened the timeliness and effectiveness of the stop, the reactive power consumption to a minimum; real – time detection of equipment status; dynamic display screen via a computer terminal; When the equipment operating parameters beyond set parameters, timely alarm, has created favourable conditions for the implementation of the point overhaul; When running equipment failure, the pointed out the faulty equipment and related system equipment in a timely manner to stop the run, to avoid the expansion of the accident. The crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. Common crushing machines are winnowing mill, impact crusher, roll crusher, crusher compound. Jaw crusher (jaw crusher), having large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, operating costs and economic characteristics. PF-I series impact crusher can process materials side length is 100 to 500 mm, the compressive strength is up to 350 MPa, great crushing ratio, cubic particles advantages of material was broken; PF-II series impact crusher machine, suitable for crushing hard materials, such as cement crusher, with a production capacity of the material advantages of small particle size. Crushing system of Shuichang Concentrator automated centralized control improving production efficiency and reduce the consumption of energy, belts, mechanical spare parts and electrical spare parts, brought hundreds of million of annual benefits of intensive management. Control room separate server l table (Sen-er) network switch Switch can also be used with the workshop director, shop scheduling, allowing management to keep abreast of the underlying production and equipment operation.Cascade control system greatly improves the system s dynamic quality, give full play to the processing capacity of the crusher, compared with the manual, packed to about 50% of the ore rate from the previous manual increaser to 85% more, to achieve the control objectives.

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Pro Natura

Posted by Toni - July 26th, 2013

Our body skin is generally exposed to multiple assaults which may lead to their premature aging, but the face, neck, decollete and hands are the areas which are most affected since they are unprotected, regularly throughout the year. Indiscriminate exposure to the Sun, without adequate protection, is one of the circumstances that most accelerate the aging process. But there are other factors that contribute to premature skin deterioration, as in the case of cigarette smoking and exposure to environmental pollution. These two, along with excessive exposure to the Sun, cause the formation of free radicals and therefore alterations in the DNA of cells, producing wrinkles, dehydration, flaccidity and spots. Free radicals affect on the collagen fibers and elastic fibers decreasing in quantity and quality, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and the famous grooves called furrows. These wrinkles and furrows are seen in-depth in areas of greatest gesticulation (hiper-expresion lines) and while they are a consequence of the natural emotional expression of the individual, are marked by the imprint of the emotions and more frequent and more intense in the face, giving him that married, dislocated and sloppy appearance. Damage that we infringimos our skin are cumulative and many of them begin at an early age, becoming only evident around the fourth decade of life. The first signs are tired and curled skin appearance, and the increase of expression lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

The appearance of these represents a cry for help from our skin, which demand then a specialized and timely assistance by a doctor. Otherwise, the process of premature aging or skin senility could become something irreversible, then requiring more aggressive measures for correction, as it is the case of plastic surgery. Aesthetic medicine seeks to compensate and counteract anti-nature elements present in the contemporary lifestyle and that accelerate aging, counting within its therapeutic resources with BOTOX, among others we can say that a solution is non-invasive, designed to restore freshness to the face without altering the facial features. This allows you to restore a natural and healthy, picture of an effective, safe and affordable way.So, while the aging (senescence) is a natural process, (senility) is not aging prematurely. In the latter case, aesthetic compensation measures, may lead back the clock of our personal appearance. It is here where the aesthetic medicine comes in our help with the application of BOTOX with a Pro Natura nature inasmuch as it helps to care for and protect the face of a deliberate way, to promote the fullness of the physical experience. Take care and keep the image that nature gave us is a fabulous way to enjoy our relationships with ourselves and with others. If you want more information on this topic can communicate on our phones: 912 755 014 and 663 863 678, or write to our e-mail:, where we will gladly attend you.

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