Conflict Management

Posted by Toni - February 25th, 2022

This antagonistic action may focus on differentiating activities: different objectives and interests (including antagonistic tend to cause conflicts (Chiavenato, 1994) Faced with the reality of Venezuelan scenario, where SMEs have serious weaknesses in terms of conflict management, climate and behavior, as investigated Ana Martinez, together with others in the political, social , economically by passing the country, it is necessary to note that many members of the organization are in a state of tension due to environmental influences and therefore, is critical that companies focus the differences can occur according to functional conflicts Garcia (2000): A confrontation between groups that is positive for the performance of the organization and on the other hand, to avoid dysfunctional conflict generating a negative reaction in individual behavior towards the objectives.

It is crucial staff participation not only in conflict resolution and weaknesses within the organization, but also is vital to understand that the needs of individuals may vary according to a particular situation and this requires managing assertiveness and clear definition of roles through job descriptions to ensure the description of roles, authority and forms of communication within the organization. Management must also remember to keep in mind that the perception that each individual has to play things, plays a key role in organizational behavior and their actions will depend on factors such as: personal, inter-group integration, power management, differences between personal and group goals, culture and organizational climate. Martinez points out, however, conflict can behave as a positive or negative force so that the address should not strive to make it disappear, but to find the causes of everything that adversely affect the efforts that the organization does to achieve its objectives..

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