Engineers Without Borders

Posted by Toni - February 25th, 2022

We recognize that, given the global situation, this will require an exercise of ingenuity by those who mark international agendas. Speaking of wit, we come to Engineering, so engineers and engineers believe that we must rethink our work. Understand that talent alone does not generate solutions but on the contrary has brought humanity to many disasters. However, the mill used in the service of life and life has been to transform the existence of thousands of people around the world. The mill is to be not only responsible, but ethical, and for this you must understand what society is and what their needs are. Engineers and engineers we consider that our duty is to serve the people, creating simple solutions to solve big problems. It is possible to cook with the sun, generating air conditioning using the heat, sterilizing water with solar radiation only, etc.

The great advantage of appropriate technologies is that, over any aspect of science and technology can be applied in all areas of the world, regardless of their economic and political weight. These techniques are simple to transfer, not dependence and rely on knowledge of local cultures, teach us that we must combine modern technology and ancient knowledge, ie to a dialogue on equal terms with technology makes possible to build a joint project of humanity . The future is not hopeless, on the contrary, we live to decide our history and that of future generations. Living in the risk society implies rethinking the way gone, leaving the inertia, blur the universal truths, create a shared understanding, solidarity fabrics and learn to love us, because we are not afraid to reconcile the feelings with science, science with ethics and life ethics. Therefore, let the profession and make a high whole life, flowing energy to plotting a new horizon, not only for the silenced voices, but to all voices, and without sacrificing the happiness, however, to build from within, because we are not what we have and what we have is our be. Engineers Without Borders

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