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Posted by Toni - February 20th, 2022

The third great society is the Club of the Fenianos, established in 07.12.1869, with the support of Rui Barbosa, Evaristo of the Fertile valley, Quintino Bocaiva and Silva Garden, among others. Its colors were red and white and its known folies in as ' ' gatos' '. The nickname appeared because mascotes of the Club was pussies that lived observing for the windows of the headquarters. We in common see in these carnavalescos clubs some characteristics with the ones of soccer. In first place, all are dedicated clubs to the leisure. In according to place, beyond the name, they have a nickname extensive to its fans and invented by the rivals as the torcedores of the Flamengo, nicknamed ' ' urubus' ' for the other twisted ones. In third place, the carnavalescos clubs had until mascote as good part of the soccer clubs, being that of baetas it is equal to the one of America: the devil. In room place, the Democratic ones had until padroeira as the Flamengo adopts Is Judas Tadeu.

In fifth place, the carnavalescos clubs had its ' ' pufes' ' , that were poems appeared from 1877 that, among others things, looked for to exaltar its proper mritos as well as the official hymns and extra-officers of the soccer clubs. But most important, in my opinion, it is the question of the colors. The Lieutenants of the Devil were rubronegros, as the Flamengo. The Democratic ones were alvinegros, as Vasco and Botafogo. the Fenianos was alvirrubros, as America and the Bangu. We do not want, with this, to insinuate that the choice of the colors of the soccer clubs was made on the basis of the colors of the carnival clubs. When the Flamengo moved of blue and golden for red and black color, the Lieutenants of the Devil still had four colors and cogitate themselves that the Flamengo if inhaled in the Jockey Club (to see our article ' ' Shirts of clubs of colors diferentes' ').


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