Silvia Helena

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It fits to each human being to perceive and to surpass its you blame. If we perceive that the life really has a direction, we also perceive that we are useful ones to the others. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Allen, James. You are what you think. Publishing company Beutel, Manfred and Klimchak, Steve.

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The importance of auto-esteem in the construction of a healthful individual auto-esteem is very important for each person, and is a daily conquest, a valuation and love for proper itself, and this reflects and is influenced by the people who live in lathe, as the society, family and friends. Is as a mirror the consequence in the way that if sees and that it becomes related I obtain proper. In this way it is constructed auto-esteem of each one, thus a person who not accepted and/or does not relate well with the world in its return has low-esteem. This is important therefore low-esteem provokes difficulty of relationship and adaptation in the social environment. It can lead to the development of illnesses, as anxiety. Others including Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., offer their opinions as well.

Use of psicotrpicas drugs, in the search of these ways of the conquest of auto-esteem and affection. Unhappyly instead of finding it, the loss of the same one occurs, still more, entering in a vicious cycle, many times without return for the user. escape of the social environment therefore if feels loved little, rejected a word badly sharp already sees as persecution. Auto-they esteem is the base for the personal development, would be the ortaleza of each one as in a medieval castle, already it is an atony in who does not have, a problem. It is important as personal growth, I obtain proper and with the other people. Florzinha is one that all day must be watered, thus has that to create strategies, ways for daily construction of its auto-esteem.


For Oliveira

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Using these stages, the election of the games that eventually will be used will have to evolve of games estimuladores of indices to the estimuladores of signs, and, in such a way, games that stimulate the tato, the hearing, the palate (indices) must precede to that they stimulate or if they apiam in signallings and after these become entirely valid the ones that lead after to the discovery of symbols (to search reviewed, to cut, glue, to draw, to dramatizar) and, the ones that they explore symbols and that already they estimate the understanding of letters and drawings of corresponding objects to the words. Thinking about children, since the prenatal life until the adolescence, convictos of that the development of intelligence human being does not finish in this etria band, in contrast, it grows for all life, mainly for the people who believe the power of its brain and know to construct its proper motivations. In accordance with Antunes (1998, p.17) ' ' the development of intelligences if processes more in way accented when awardees for the chance of stimulatons. This affirmation, however, needs to be seen in the limits of coerncia.' ' Historically, different conceptions concerning the human development have been traced in psychology. They search to answer as each one arrived to be what it is and to show to which the ways opened for changes in these ways to be, which the possibilities of each individual to learn.

For Oliveira (2002, P. 125), ' ' the hereditary factors and paper of the organic maturation has been overestimated for similar chains of the biologismo or the inatismo, that emphasizes the espontaneidade of the transformations in the psychological capacities of the individual, supporting that they would very depend little on the influence of external factors ele' '. The development would be as uncurling of a hank where the characteristics of each person would be previously enrolled.



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when questioned on its evaluation regarding the use of these terms in the relation with the patient. Stories in accordance with gotten, the psychologists evaluate to be basic the use of specific terms of the boarding that act in the relation with the patient, since that have a clarification of these terminologies with the same preventing confusion with the common sense. ' ' With certainty if it uses many characteristic lingusticos terms of the performance boarding, therefore these terms translate the concepts of this theory, and when working with the patient, you it needs to answer or to interpret the content brought for this through the referencial terico' ' (Psychoanalytic). ' ' Of basic importance, therefore some terminologies are impregnated of felt in the common sense, thus some words can pass a different position of that proposal for abordagem' ' (Humanist). ' ' I evaluate that many times when presenting, in the clinic, some terminology, is necessary to effect a conceptual or exactly metafrico clarification; in this way, one is gotten clearer, coesa and productive communication to the therapeutical process. Valley to detach that some terminologies lack, yes, of necessary clarifications, in special preventing interpretations next to the common sense, and unproductive to the advance clnico' ' (Comportamentalista). Each boarding possesss a specific terminology that characterizes the way to understand the human being and consequentemente the form to help it that differentiates each boarding, this variability of terms elapses of the historical process, that in accordance with Schultz; Schultz (2005), Psychology was submitted and received influence from other scientific areas. A general characterization of the main used terms in each boarding is based from this historical process. ven P Rosenthal Northland offer more in-depth analysis. The second category of analysis has as intention to describe a general characterization of the lingusticos terms of the main boardings. In the psicanaltica boarding the main lingusticos terms pointed by the psychologists of this boarding in the sample had been: mechanism of defense, unconscious, neurosis, desires, castration, repression, souvenirs of the past, and transference.