Posted by Toni - June 19th, 2020

Jung made use of the myth of Electra to show the feminine side of the Complex of dipo. What it differentiates the complexes they are the personages play who them, while in the Complex of dipo who is the boy desires the mother, in the Complex of Electra are the opposite, the girl are who have a so complex identification with mother who arrives at the point to desire to eliminate it and to possess the father. I wait that until the moment let us understand the complexes and its origins. An interesting fact and anlago between two histories are that it had castration in both the cases, and can perceive that the complexes are marked posteriori for the castration. We suffer the castration (a loss), can be loss of a part of us or an object that we are so on that we make with that it is ‘ ‘ part of ns’ ‘ , in the case of dipo the castration can be observed when it removes its proper eyes when discovering that Jocasta is its mother and in Electra the castration can be noticed when occurs the repentance for the death of its mother, for the loss of its mother. The castration has one love meaning ambivalent and hatred and provided with the guilt for the death of the father/mother because in the truth loved they them, they only wanted to occupy the place of them and not to take off them the life. The hatred is seen as the desire of wanting to occupy the place of the father/mother and the love of it (a).

It is important to observe that to the Psychoanalysis, all the human beings pass for the Complex of dipo, being been this then the universal point for as the birth of the individual (we have two births? the first one is the natural one and as it is the cultural one, that it occurs from the Complex of dipo. The culture is made on of symbolic law. The law of strongest has that to lose so that it has culture). I wait that the explanations have been good and to answer to the question heading of this article, perhaps the Psychoanalysis has not adhered to the Complex of Electra because in mythology Greek the personage so is not erotizada, does not present erticos feelings and of hatred it stops with the father and its mother as the ones that if detach in dipo King.


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