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Posted by Toni - October 1st, 2013

For a machine this work alone is possible with markings of data adequate or metadados associates to that number. A net formed for metadados is possible, leaving of the estimated one that it does not have limits to associate given, although the structure proposal of the Web Semantics demands a limit implicitly to prevent the complexity in the grouping of data Breitman 2005. After the marking and estruturao of the data with XML and description of the resources with RDF and metadados, the application of ontologias will go to congregate described beings in a scene (called domain) and to inside carry through inferences on the relations of these beings of the boarded universe. The ontologias can specific for one be determined universe or something in particular, being in these cases classified in 3 types. 3.1. Ontologias of domain the ontologias of domain supply vocabulary to relate terms of a specific private onwership inside (medicine, mechanics, biology). Figure 4 mentions a representation to it in graph of a ontologia on the animal kingdom.

Ontologias of domain also they can be used for cooperative learning, that involves people, forming a community of learning, and activities. People, groups, documents, collections, subjects and activities can solely be identified by its names. 3.2. Ontologias of tasks a ontologia of task has the objective to supply to vocabulary and relations to automatize a specific task, generally, in the resolution of problems, independent of the domain where they occur. This task or activity can be in distinct domnios, being always generic it, for example, the access to the information or purchases. 3.3. Ontologias of application Search to inside solve a problem of a domain or a particular sphere of a generic domain specific, as to inside identify to illnesses of the heart from a ontologia of cardiologia domain or tributaristas applications of a right domain. 4. Engines of search and the perspective for the future In the imensido of documents that composes web currently, the search engines has decisive importance.


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