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Posted by Toni - July 28th, 2022

Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo Job, credit, commodities, banks, tax of interests, what in the wait? The phase of recovery of the stock markets seems to have started, with some signals showing that we are leaving the deep one of the well, with the performance of the increases of copper, lead, headings of the American treasure and the corporative ones. This is a signal of that the economy starts to react, with the replacements of supplies in the international market, but it has estimates of fall of 9,7% of the exportations of commodities Brazilian agriculturists, exactly with fall of the harvests of the international market. The fall of the prices of the Brazilian agricultural products will be sazonal. We export to 150 countries, manufactured products that the market projects fall that varies of 7% 57%, however, at the moment it exists much speculation, it had excess of pessimism in some companies and ousadia exaggerated in others, that now they need to adjust to the new realities of consumption. Some pursuings start if to recoup and in some cases the demand already she is warm, in others the stoppage is total in virtue of lack of accessible credit, more than two a thousand companies lock up its activities in the foreign commerce in Brazil this year. In the question of the job, it needs to be practised politics of social interaction that creates new chances of job and income in auto-sustainable productive chains. Civil construction, recovery of degraded areas, energies you renewed, petroliferous sector, telecommunications, commerce, tourism, are pursuings that are generating jobs from this month, however, areas exist that they need better to be explored as infrastructure, sewer net (each R$ 1,00 expense in sanitation represents R$ 5,00 in economy for public health), education and health goes to demand an addition of 3% of the functional picture, still this year. . It is not something Darcy Stacom would like to discuss. .


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