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Posted by Toni - February 14th, 2022

After the Termfila Phase, and decomposition of the material, the temperature starts to diminish gradual. Being a biological process of decomposition, the water presence and air are indispensable to the organisms. Although it has cases where the compostagem if of anaerbica form (without air), however in this in case that the complete stabilization does not occur. It can be made in lame person, boxes, apparatus digestores, at last, the utensils for its manipulation does not demand sophistication nor too much expenses. However, she fits to detach here that of the diverse forms of compostagem, however the one that presents greater quality in relation to ground is the known compostagem as vermicompostagem, that is the decomposition of composites through the use of earthworms. The earthworms consume organic substance quickly it breaks up and it in small particles that when passing for its digestive system are enriched biological.

Soon, in the dejections expelled for the earthworm, important nutrients are set free and these are well assimilable for the plants. This system is very used in programs of management of the garbage in the schools of Canada, United States and Austrlia.Diante of the benefits of the compostagem and mainly of the vermicompostagem, sees that this is a economically viable alternative and that it can and it must start to be worked. It is standed out that almost all the biodegradvel residue, happened of agriculture, industry, the domestic garbage, the sewer, can be used in the vermicompostagem. Soon, it more does not advance to be in quarrels concerning the question of the garbage and in the brainstorming that never will leave projects, it is had that it starts to act and one of the alternatives to solve problematic the relative one to the garbage, is compostagem.REFERNCIASJARDIM, N. Municipal Garbage: manual of Integrated Management. So Paulo: Institute of Technological Research, IPT, 1995.KIEHL, E.J. Fertilizing organic.


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