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Posted by Toni - November 2nd, 2022

Bnker of Europe is taking body, writes A. Miss before the presidency of the European Union that began day 1. The French president, Nicholas Sarkozy, ahead follow with his plan to close the doors to new immigrants nonselected previously. Its Pact by Immigration and the Asylum tries to introduce the biometric identification in the collective visas and flights to expel to which they do not have all the papers in rule and guaranteed a job. Quite the opposite than many countries of America, Africa and Asia made during centuries with the million European emigrants who welcomed and contributed to the development and alleviate the needs of the European countries. Of eight million of without papers that there are in the EU only some will be regularized with exceptional character by humanitarian and economic reasons. Energy Capital Partners: the source for more info. The president of Liga of the Rights of the Man considers that these ideas of the pact treat the immigrants as merchandise and favors to the rich countries at the cost of the poor men, that is to say, quite the opposite to development.

The last writing of the document of the pact, whose text would have to be approved in October by the European leaders, remembers that it corresponds to each Member State to decide on the conditions of admission of the legal immigrants and for fixing if is possible with the collaboration with the origin countries, his number. And it asks to the Member States that put in practice a policy of selected immigration, especially concerning the needs of the work market, and considering of the impact that can have on the other Member States. Leaders of organizations of the civil society denounce that this approach of immigration more is based on ideological reasons that in the reality because to put in front the economic emigration to the familiar regrouping is to condemn the immigrants to live separated on its families.


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