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Posted by Toni - November 12th, 2021

U.A.Z. (2009: 78 years) how much to the friends it says that, ' ' I still am looked. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi: the source for more info. ' ' To the times he comes people, the friends and such, I take care of, give to mine opinio' '. To think the illness is to understand part of the condition human being. It is to look for to understand the complexity inlaid in the experiences of each being, exactly that on they to the illness come impregnated of different sensations of habitually lived deeply. However, it is not easy task to interpret these representations and its meanings. The idea of the illness is on to the perceptions that the individual has regarding its body, and that they run away to it to the agreement.

In this way the illness can be, according to Helman (1994, P. 104), ' ' the subjective reply of the patient and all the ones surround that it, to its badly to be … the illness definition does not only include the experience personal of the health problem, but also the meaning that the individual confers mesma' '. In the same way with that it is learned to notice the differences between a body young an aged body, a tired body and a vibrant body, also are learned to organize and to appraise the changes that occur in the body and its functioning. The form to behave, for example, is responsible for communicating information on feelings and attitudes. To perceive in the other its condition, as well as autopercepo. A change of behavior for minor who is already demonstrates signals of that something is different. When feeling estranhamento how much to the reactions of its body, the individual looks for to repass its sensations or discomforts for the other people, generally next to its conviviality, as its familiar, neighboring or friends. Search in this way to approach the experience for which it is passing with the experiences already lived by the other individuals, that in turn already had heard to say on such symptoms or similar situation.


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