Commercial Strategies

Posted by Toni - August 7th, 2022

The commercial strategy is a basic component for the success of any corporation, either rendering of services, or supplier of products, therefore in last instance it is who makes possible the achievement of the objective of any company, who is to vender and to gain profit. In this aspect, she observes yourself that the commercial strategy is composed for diverse processes that are closely linked as the structure of prices and disponibilizada financing to the customer, the available ways of payment, the canals of attendance to the customer, and the practical ones of logistic adopted (form of delivery, stated periods, etc). This set of processes must be in total accord so that the stipulated goals and consequentemente longed for the economic and financial results are reached. The adoption of a dissociada structure of prices of the value perception that the customer possesss, or the establishment of systems is still observed, that these processes have great impact on the satisfaction of the customer and its allegiance, therefore of financing, or of ways of payment, that are not condizentes with the profile of the customers, can take the company to face serious difficulties, exactly that its product of is raised quality. In this aspect, it has a pressing necessity of that all the components of the commercial strategy are glimpsed and thought of organized and still evaluated and reviewed form periodically. In our optics, the entrepreneur must possess one detailed system of acompanhamentoo of the based commercial strategy in the research of the competition and in the research of satisfaction of its customers With regard to competition, one practical one to salutar is to follow periodically which is the prices practised for its competitors, mainly the right-handers, or is that they act in the same region or in the same segment of customers, which are the disponibilizadas options of payment, and the practical ones of financing offered.


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