Cancer Prevention

Posted by Toni - January 4th, 2022

One appears in all the animal species, ages and races. The frequency is known that, the geographic distribution and the behavior of the different types from cancer is related to sex, age, the race, the genetic predisposition and the exhibition to carcinogen products like dyestuffs, the benzene, tar, the smoke of the tobacco, etc. It is said, that the following nutritional products originate cancer, that is to say: remembers to us that the following foods are negative for their consumptions that is to say: 1. Hot dogs Because they are high in nitrates. " Cancer Prevention Coalition" he notices that the children do not have to eat more than 12 sausages to the month.

If you cannot live without the sausages he buys of which they are done WITHOUT sodium nitrate. 2. Processed meats and bacon Also contain nitrate high levels sodium of sausages, content also in the bacon and other processed meats that in addition increase the risk of diseases of the heart. The fat saturated in the bacon also is a great collaborator in the cancer generation. Continue to learn more with: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. 3. Donas is doubly cancer causes. First because fluorine, refined sugar and hydrogenated oil are made with, later THEY ARE FRIED a high temperatures. You donate them are first " alimento" of that you can eat that they will highly elevate your risk of generating cancer.

4. Chipses you donate As well as them, the chipses are made with oils hydrogenated and cooked later to high temperatures. Also amides contain acryl that to be generated during the process of baking to high temperatures. Popes would have to be called cancer instead of Popes to the fried ones. 5. Cakes All these usually are made with fluorine and sugar. Until that in his labels proudly they are presented/displayed as free of transgenic fats generally contain them only that in smaller amounts.


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