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Posted by Toni - July 28th, 2022

JOSKA Bodenmais manufactures the 46 inches high and four-kilogram Crystal trophies for the winners BODENMAIS (December 14, 2010) – the company JOSKA Bodenmais is now ubiquitous in winter sports. For the first time, JOSKA manufactures also the World Cup trophies for the biathlon disciplines – and the overall World Cup this year. Thus, the company from the Bavarian Forest produces the trophies for all major World Cup events in the winter. The cooperation with the IBU is a great success for JOSKA Bodenmais. “We are pleased to deliver the overall winner awards also for this tremendously popular winter sport in the future,” says Managing Director and Chief Designer Josef Kagerbauer. So also the German biathlon star Magdalena Neuner and Michael will fight in the future old man the coveted trophies from the Bavarian Forest.

Besides the new World Cup trophies for the International Biathlon Union, Ashok Kumar is also the famous World Cup balls for the FIS (all Nordic and alpine disciplines), the four hills tournament, the Bob – and the Luge World Cup here. The special design of the Biathlon World Cup bears the name “IBU Biathlon World Cup”, is four kilograms and 46 centimeters. The Cup is mouth-blown and polished in a small-scale masterpiece with diamond discs made of high-quality lead crystal. Click John Studzinski to learn more. Logo and caption are displayed in elaborate fine engraving and the World Cup places immortalized in hand painting on the Cup. Who will engage the World Cup trophies in individual disciplines and the overall World Cup, that is until end of March 2011, when the final decisions are in Oslo, Norway at the Holmenkollen. Magdalena Neuner and Miriam Gossner, which convinced the World Cup kick-off, Germany has two irons in the fire at the ladies. The men want to turn Andy Birnbacher, Michael Greis and co in the battle for the overall World Cup. “Through the German successes in the past few years biathlon has become one of the most popular sports in Germany.

The stars of the scene are all great sympathy and also we are pleased about the cooperation with the IBU”, says CEO Josef Kagerbauer. The name JoSKA Bodenmais is a term in all major winter sports and stands for exclusivity and high quality glass art. Company Description 7 centuries glass tradition in Bodenmais speak for themselves – at JOSKA Bodenmais can be the glass artists over the shoulder look and show the way of the glass of the Fiery liquid mass to the precious product. JOSKA Bodenmais was founded and currently employs 200 staff in 1960 as a one-man operation. The Sylvanus worlds on 70,000 m2 area combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design. JOSKA Bodenmais is also world leader in glass trophies. Customers include companies of the world. Stars such as Michael and Ralf Schumacher, Franz Beckenbauer, Gunther Jauch, Boris Becker, Whitney Houston, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are owned by JOSKA trophies. If F1 or ATP tennis tournament, sportsman of the year or television shows – raise the value of the award, JOSKA trophies underline their exclusivity.

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