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Posted by Toni - March 16th, 2024

All risk coverage contracting individual risk cover all risk coverage contracting individual risk cover to it to say we are clear supporter of all risk coverage and keep them for the better approach, but of course only when it is done well in advance. Exclusion of formulations in the boat / yacht Casco terms and your consequences in the event of a claim. Some providers you will find following or similarly formulated disclaimers in all risk cover insurance conditions. Damage to the machinery, are excluded from the motor or electrically operated technical equipment; the personal effects; the trailer, if they are not caused by accident of the vehicle, fire, lightning, explosion, force majeure, robbery or theft, vandalism – or malicious actions of non-operating persons. 1 claim penetrated lake water in a sailing boat insured about us due to a leak on the stern tube in the engine room and accommodation. Main engine and electrical system were partly under water. Luck was in disguise, that the owner was on board and could prevent worse by means of quickly bought up pumps.

Total damage: 35.000,-2 claim one about NEUBACHER insured motor yacht type Maxum, a the outer cooling circuit coolant hose burst. The engine was badly damaged by the invading seawater. The damage amounted to 9,500. None of the mentioned dangers was the cause of the damage in the present claims. With the aforementioned exclusions in terms of hull, the policyholder on the costs incurred for the repair sit stayed. And here is an example: for some providers the so-called all-risk coverage following or similarly formulated disclaimers in terms of insurance: the insurer provides no compensation for damages, caused by: – Frost, ice, exposure to Sun, rain, snow, consequential damages due to frost and ice cream are also not covered. But what is the terms of some individual risk providers in the boat u.

Yacht CASCO conditions? Here an example: insurance coverage for sink and flooding! Who would have thought that? The single risk cover better? By the way, our all risk coverage see v.g exclusions do not and the damages have been regulated without, also for the MY lower in the ice with an overall loss of around 85.000,-the owner was compensated financially. So some people will now think can happen to me, I have a bilge pump, bilge alarm, etc. There, I can only say what everything so there are failures, bad luck and breakdowns.

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