Posted by Toni - November 12th, 2021

River steamer with open door. I am free! Freedom; or almost! But what to make of the freedom? Scares it me! I do not know what to make with it! Of mouth in mouth I lose myself. It enters as many legs between mine and as much others it stows. Until one day you it appeared. It dominated me, for the body, the mind and the heart.

It has been a battle, where I try to be as spectator, therefore I do not believe in stories with happy ends. The life is meat and desires come of it. The mind is as alone mediating between the body and its desires, the heart, with its dreams, illusions, enchantments and disenchantments. the neck? Ah the neck of a woman! It is the line that divides the feminine universe of that it offers and it charges the humanity. It is in the neck of the woman where if the fights between man and woman stop all. Therefore you it asks for that I keep my imprisoned hair, so that he can be free my neck, my body. At least until it has the certainty of it dominated that me, or who knows has been dominated for the power that this territtio of battles concentrates, then with delicate force, to put certeira, the untied one, so that it makes of it the muzzle of my body, already without mind without heart. To put, delivers and happy! Alone a body, of meat, alive, hot and burning hot.


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