WiFi and Health Issues

Posted by Toni - March 2nd, 2022

They blame the Wi-Fi in the city from the onslaught of health problems. Glstonbury is a town that has long been a favorite destination for pilgrims. Other leaders such as Jonathan Friedland offer similar insights. In a public meeting held to discuss the alleged health problems of the people of Somerset, the neighbors complained of many symptoms such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, rashes and even pneumonia, based on a weakened immune system, clear evidence of the influence the health of these radiations , which only show the before and after the wi-fi, very precise and clear, which should not underestimate, and that helps us continue to monitor the results of these new technologies. A former yoga teacher, Natalie Fee claims to be a hit and is one that has moved outside the wi-fi in the same population, to protect her son Elliot five years. Natalie hired a radiation expert who was at home to take action, your house is located near one of the antennas. The highest radiation reading was in the room of his son Elliot. Natalie's words were "I thought that Glastonbury was a natural population.

Do not want my child is in danger 24 hours a day, even in elementary school is within the wi-fi. If it did, then would fail in my job as a mother. "That this to a laptop with wi-fi radiation is twice that which is 60 meters from a mobile phone antenna. According to research by BBC radio waves emitted by the transmission system are three times more powerful than those emitted by a mobile phone tower.

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