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Posted by Toni - January 4th, 2022

Nutrition comes from food and the types of people in the blood determine their needs of food types. This also explains why some people do not usually lose weight. If they really know what they need, they can lose weight easily. Cancer research spoke with conviction. A blood type: vegetarianism and exercise appropriate as opposed to blood type or, a blood type people have less secretion of gastric acid, which makes their ability to digestion of meat relatively poorer than other types. If taken in a lot of meat, but could not Digest, is easy to transform into stored fat in the body because of obesity. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you must be cautious when eating beef and lamb, and is better to replace with fresh fish and chicken, and taken more vegetables, especially bean products, if they really want to be thinner, which could complement the vegetable protein. The cheese consumption of soy and grains in the recipe can replenish the shortage of proteins.

B: blood type mood cheerful and more meals with smaller amount of blood type B people appear in nomads who are accustomed to the climate change. Often they are physically strong and have a strong immune system and have a strong resistance of the heart disease, cancer and many modern diseases. It doesn’t matter in the aspect of the diet, which can digest any kind of delicious food, meat or vegetables. However, some foods like tomatoes, corn, chicken and most nuts and seeds, because the hemagglutinin in these foods can prevent the metabolism of blood type B. For those who want to lose weight, it is best that eat small meals frequently and keep the good mood.

Blood AB type: balanced diet and a simple kitchen people of blood type AB have a physical complex and contradictory. They can adapt to changes in the diet and the environment, but their digestive systems are sensitive. So they are easy to get fat. Such a type of blood and the blood type B food people could not eat nor are suitable for persons of blood type AB. However, they can eat more animal protein and avoid dairy products that can be easily stored fat. Thus, people of this type must above all less eat cheese soy, eggs, vegetables and fresh fruits, dairy products and meat to lose weight. Or blood type: more meat and less cereals due to containing more tartaric acid, digestive this type of people capability is also very strong and they have the response of the immune system to food surpluses. The most necessary food for them is the animal as the meat and fish protein. It will be better than eating lean meat and oily fish. They are not easy to digest dairy products, beans, pasta and cereals, which is also the final reason that leads to fat, fat burner. Therefore, the dinner should avoid rice and drink less milk each day. But they have to take the proper amount of calcium a day to complete lack of calcium. The balanced intake of fruits and vegetables can be help maintain acid-base balance.(fat burners) what blood type are you?


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