Posted by Toni - November 11th, 2021

How to prepare for a flood spring tide If your area often suffers from a spring tide (near the river, a flowing spring, the house stands in a valley, where storm drains rainwater flows, etc.), explore the neighborhood. Need to know where (on the hills and steep banks) should run if the water goes. Keep a ready means of a ferry (boat), and high boots. Place in a backpack (a case) values, warm clothes, stock food, water and medicines. Listen to the possible alarms: on threat of flooding should inform local authorities and special services. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. and gain more knowledge.. What if the announced evacuation alarms about the threat of flooding and to evacuate immediately, in the prescribed manner, or leave take the exit from a dangerous flood zone to a designated safe area or on elevated terrain, taking with them documents, valuables and essential items and the two-day supply of nonperishable food. In the final paragraph evacuation register. Do not try to avoid it – can be paid with his life.

Before leaving the house turn off gas, electricity, put out the fire in the furnaces in the attic perepravte things. Doors and windows of the first floor is better not to only close but also to score boards. If the water is caught you by surprise, take cover on the upper floors of buildings, attics and roofs, and constantly serve distress: a day – waving cloth (sheets, towels), and in the dark time – a flashlight. Help people in distress, to comply strictly with the requirements of the rescuers and do not panic. With the approach of rescuers calmly, without panic or fuss, with caution, go into the swimming facility. In this scrupulously observe the requirements of the rescuers, do not overload boats. During the movement did not leave the assigned seats. Do not sit on the board, do not move from place in place and strictly follow the requirements of the crew.

How to act to help a drowning man Use to save the boat, rope, life preserver or other available means. Reassure and encourage the sinking, make him stay shoulder saver. If he does not control their actions, then swam to the drowning man, podnyrnite under him and taking him by the hair, transportiruete it to shore. If a drowning man managed to grab you by the arm, neck or leg, immediately dive – survival instinct will force you to let go of the victim. If a drowning man is unconscious, transport it to shore, taking his hand under his chin to his face was constantly above the water surface. If a person has already plunged into the water to attempt to find him on the depth, and then bring it back to life. This can be done if there was drowned in the water about 6 minutes. Pulled the victim ashore, provide first aid help and send to hospital as soon as possible. What to do after a flood spring tide when the flood ended and you return to your home, find out if he does not threaten the collapse, as well as ventilate the room (to remove accumulated gases). It is impossible to include electricity: Check the wiring and other communications. All brought by floodwater (dirt, debris, dead animals) must be as possible to remove, and courtyards and rooms – clean. This will prevent spread of the epidemic disease. To a complete cleaning of the wells to drink from them is impossible! When an emergency call Emergency call "01" or "112" (from mobiles). All calls to the Emergency free.


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