Posted by Toni - January 31st, 2022

Thus, the study shows that 71% valued the numbers of telephone information as the best solution when you’re on the street, while the vast majority affirms that you using it because it is the fastest way to get the information I need (91%), and because the information I provided is updated and is exact (84%). Timetables train, orientation to reach a destination, the winning number of the lottery away from origin who in his day had only phone numbers, facilitating the 118 services have evolved and today provide information on the most varied aspects: from finding a train schedule or learn about the winning number of lottery to live help orienting us with road to reach our destination. Some phones, like 11811, also offer other value-added services, as the free sending of information by sms, send maps to mobile, or what in the sector called completeness of call, which is to transfer the call from the user directly to the phone number you would like to contact..


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