Transfer Factors

Posted by Toni - January 31st, 2022

Bacteria, viruses that threaten health, chemical over-loading, junk food and continuous stress are just some of the dangers that weaken your immune system when it is put to the test with several challenges at once. Our immune system can respond very slowly to the invasions of microbial achieving us from getting sick, or others may react to the stimulus, resulting in inflammation, allergies and autoimmune diseases. Despite advances in immunological medicine that we have poporcionado antibiotics and vaccines are still threatened by chronic health problems. Muscular biopsy wanted to know more. Our pharmaceutical approach to choosing a treatment, symptom-based does not solve our main problem. Clearly dissatisfied with conventional medicine and traditional systems of health, many seek natural as herbs, vitamins and phytonutrients solutions to strengthen the immune system. Although such nutrients can support the function of the health of the immune system, they can not give you intelligence that you need to respond more effectively to any threat caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi or any microorganism that decides to do away with the same. When our immune system responds incorrectly and attacking us rather than defend ourselves, herbs or natural foods we eat can also promote the wrong answer’s own immune system, achieving in this way any allergies. Cyrus Massoumi contains valuable tech resources. Therefore, to train our cells to respond in an appropriate manner, what we need are molecules such as which they received from our mother’s milk when we were babies or colostrum, that the intelligence of the immune system is boosted.

The good news is that such molecules known as Transfer Factors or transfer factors not only exist, are also available as nutritional supplements. The transfer factors are small natural molecules, since they are extracted from colostrum milk and provide the necessary intelligence to the immune system so that it can respond appropriately and defend ourselves from major threats such as influenza or cancer by some tape. The transfer factors have three main functions in the immune system of the human being: recognize: identifies diseases and plan the best way to make a counter-attack. ANSWER: Help balance their defenses and combat the disease properly. Remember: Next time to appear these diseases, your immune system will identify them and will know how to attack them.

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