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Posted by Toni - January 10th, 2020

Bahr was endorsed by Dalli, that on the one hand as much appealed to one better coordination between the estates German implied like between the European partners, but on the other it described as ” correcta” the German management and the adopted measures. The holder of Health appeared with these explanations before the Bundestag accompanied by his colleague of Agriculture, Ilse Aigner, after the meeting maintained with homologous of the both the 16 departments of Lnder Germans (federal states), as well as Dalli and other experts of the implied sanitary estates. Bahr, of Partido Liberal (FDP), was released as well as ” face visible” of the federal government of the management of that crisis, after in the past days his Aigner colleague assumed all the protagonism, of the Social christian Union of Baviera (CSU). The holder of Health arrived almost at the position agreeing with the outbreak of the infection, in the middle of May, from the position of Secretary of State of this same department. Critics from the EU the crisis of ‘ E.coli’ it has caused an avalanche of critics of the partners of the European Union, whom they blame Germany to have untied the alarm on products like Spanish cucumbers in spite of not having more suspicions of which soon they were retractaron.

To the damages brought about in the reputation of those products it is united the fact that, while the general alert does not rise on the crude vegetables, these practically follow prohibited of the supermarkets of all the country, independent of its origin. Against that situation, the government of the chancellor Angela Merkel uses the priority of the protection of the consumer, supported in numbers that prop up the gravity of the situation, like they are the 25 dead ones and the 690 patients – of more than 2,500 entered than they have developed the dangerous haemolytic urmico syndrome (SUH). The critics, in Germany, go so much to the supposed lack of coordination and ntre the implied estates – federal Government and Lnder, plus a cluster of laboratories like the absence in this crisis of Merkel, that east Tuesday gathered with the maximum honors the Medal of the Freedom of hands of the president of the USA, Barack Obama. The images of this ceremony in The Washingtons and those of both ministers in hardships alternated today in the news German. While, the soundings prop up to the Green ones like force emergent and able to even designate the next chancellor, reinforced like standards of the nuclear blackout now signed by Merkel and like also better dnsores of the consumer and the field.


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