The Relation

Posted by Toni - December 20th, 2014

Later directly involving them in the importance of each one of them so that the organization can take care of to the objectives and goals established for the organization. Boarding for processes? Understanding itself that an internal process of a company depends on another one, the agreement is taken that all must work in tunning with excessively so that they can take care of to the objectives and goals, that is, if a process does not walk well, can be harming the other, therefore the interatividade guarantees the good course of the organization.? Sistmica boarding of the management? In the sistmica boarding of management it must be understood that each one of the involved collaborators in each one of the processes must be engaged, that is, each one must have strong knowledge with its responsibilities and authorities to execute its tasks on the basis of procedures elaborated and approved well by a responsible committee.? Continuous improvement? The continuous improvement of an organization must every day be searched of activity of a company, and these registering to have a description of good practical of work being able for serving as reference for other processes and having if evidenced mainly for the customer who is the main beneficiary of these improvements.? Boarding in the taking of decisions? In an organization the verb must be nailed to believe, that is, many individuals costumam to work with verb to find that backwards the sensation of lack of credit in what is becoming, whenever to carry through some improvement, either in a product, or service, must be studied minutely what intends to carry through stops later making use of I I believe that goes to give certain does not find in it that perhaps it gives certain.? Relationship with suppliers? The relation with suppliers must be understood as being a strong partnership and that it guarantees that will not have imperfections in its internal process.


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