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Posted by Toni - December 7th, 2021

The proposal to transform the schools learning communities, resolves the where, for this we will have to understand in the first instance, which is a learning community. In holistic education learning communities are perceived as living, understanding entities that the community term, means common unit and learning refers to the process that has no end or limit of inquiry, that is meaningful for life and throughout life. Then conclude that a learning community is one that integrating by individuals who have the ability to create common meanings, acting responsibly and having as a main thoroughfare for mutual understanding the dialogue. He be man passes through some or all of these levels and dimensions, sometimes stays in one or more of the 30 regions that make up this model. Dean Ornish M.D shines more light on the discussion. The stages of human growth and development are also determinants to go climbing in these regions.

A child newly nation is logical it is level and dimension more basic or low, it is still dependent on the parents, and has no conscience or even of its existence as such, that is not valid is that time passed and already having awareness of their actions return to that level, since it should be the goal of every human being to have a spiritual cosmic consciousness to transcend. Sometimes the situations are also determinants to locate us in one of these quadrants, but again it is not valid to have regressions, already that way that is reaching a level and higher dimension, integrates those found below the. Get all the facts and insights with Cardiologist, another great source of information. By exceed it understands them and integrates. Holistic education is also transdiciplinaria, this means that it includes various fields of knowledge, it focuses not only on Science, but integrating Humanities artistic, traditional, knowledge and spiritual. Now to finish with the characteristics of holistic education and integrate them into a whole, I have to mention two other factors that must be in balance for a meaningful education, these are quality and integrity, the first that is oriented to the quantitative, for his approach to the left side of the kosmos, or by the individual and external external collective.

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