The Best Of Shakatak

Posted by Toni - October 17th, 2022

‘Down On The Street’, ‘ Mr. manic & sister cool, ‘ Day by Day ‘ Night Birds (thk) for the first time for 20 years that pop-Jazz-Funk-formation through Germany, which has been successful there between 1984 and 1987 touring again: Shakatak. The British band by the hit noted down on the street”. The commercial Single Day By Day followed him”(with Al Jarreau) and the Club-ready Chartstreffer Mr. manic & sister cool”. The Shakatak sound is as melodious as catchy. Live comes on stage he but really to live, as the founding members Jill Saward (lead vocals), George Anderson (bass) and Roger Odell (drums) Hicks to the leading pianist, Keyboarder Bill Sharpe plus Alan Wormald (guitar, vocals) and Jacqui (backing vocals) are true experts.

“The subtitle of the performances their Around The World Tour 2013” illustrates what has to offer the concert program: best of Shakatak “. Cards for good 90-minute shows (Festival separate ticket prices), the the Sextet with songs from his 34 CDs recorded since 1980 can equip (current album: Across The World “/ secret records limited), cost in the pre-emption between 19 and 25 euros (plus fees). As we have been with you so long not been on tour, we look forward particularly on the upcoming appearances”, points out Bill Sharpe. “In Germany the audience took up always great. This time we want to inspire it with some new songs, but above all many of our titles from the 1980s known!” Shakatak Around The World Tour 2016 “(best of Shakatak)


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