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Posted by Toni - March 5th, 2022

"Opportunity" is a compound word from the Latin meaning "before the port." That is, after sailing there is always a chance. And surely, if wrecked, we would have drowned in the sea of disappointment and we had never come to "fruition" to take a trip back more prepared, thanks to the constant learning from the surf life. The "self-leadership" is the human condition of self-discovery. Is to discover and poten-CIAR our strengths, to accept and transform our weaknesses, exploring the depths of our inner self, home to the essence of the universe and its principles. We have "placed" in our minds the idea that being a "leader" is the ground of a few, a few "chosen", but "consciously remember the many times we have situations in our lives led quite naturally and detachment ?.

One is not born to be a leader: it is something that is learned and this requires making the decision to do so with complete "determination." Certainly it is said that "the art of being a leader" is the "art of being oneself." The art, therefore, is related to beauty, and beauty and can not be defined easily, although the "distinguished" when viewed, so is the leadership of oneself. When we lead ourselves we are handling the tools of self-knowledge. We are those people who have decided accompanied himself and "take care of our own being." That beauty that comes as an inner light expands outward, showing its fullness, its simplicity and creativity in the "daily meeting" with happiness.


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